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Advertise Your Business Through Various Sign Boards

Searching for signboards is like you are in a candy store. You will get a lot of options to choose from. In fact, each of the signboards has their own unique characteristics and perform better for reaching a specific goal. That’s why you should understand the stuff before choosing the product. You can go for an acrylic sign board or a metallic one, but which one will work better?

These advertisement tools can be created using different materials. If you are planning to buy a sign board for your business, then you should know about different materials and formats for the signboards so you can choose the right one. And it is also advisable to work with the reputed and experienced digital signage companies in Abu Dhabi to enjoy better results. Now, let’s talk about this in detail.

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ACM Cladding

ACM cladding is an Aluminum composite material and is also known by a brand called Dibond. This sign board material is made using two thin coil-coated aluminum sheets, and they are properly bonded to foam core or a polyethene core. As per the experts, a printed ACM can be easily applied to your company’s building without breaking the safety and health regulations. This material is quite effective as it is durable and flexible. On the other hand, ACM Cladding is fireproof and can lower the production of sound.

Acrylic sign board

An acrylic sign board is transparent. This is one type of thermoplastic with multiple applications. Acrylic is widely used in design, visual communication, architecture, and more. The business sign boards made of acrylic can be resistant to weather, scratches, and shock. With this, you can also go for different finishes and color options. The best part is that such signboards are completely recyclable. You can go for reverse printed and self-colored acrylic for hoardings, CGI pictures, interior sign boards, and more.


This is a lightweight and highly adaptable PVC froth sheet and very simple to use as well as customize. Different from other sign boards materials, this demonstrates a lower level of water ingestion, and you can opt for this for both outside and indoor use. When it comes to creating presentations and signages, most companies go for this. When you work with the best digital signage companies in Abu Dhabi, you can create Foamex sign boards with attractive 3D effects.


Some signage companies use glass to apply designs and graphics to create attractive signages for your business’s marketing purpose. They can easily develop messaging on this material for your marketing, utilizing frosted messages and applying crystal edge window manifestations. You should give such types of signages a try.


Another popular option is Corflute. The material is quite popular as it is versatile, cost-effective, and lightweight. It can be bent or folded into different shapes based on your signage requirements to develop attractive displays that are impossible to attain with other materials. This is a perfect material for creating an outdoor sign board, and you can use it for festivals or sporting events.


This is a cost-effective and efficient material and also known as polypropylene, corrugated and fluted. If you want to make temporary displays or signboards, then this can be a good option after an acrylic sign board. The material is lightweight and tough and easy to cut. Besides, you can go for different thicknesses and colors.

Self-Adhesive Vinyl

One of the major advantages of SAV-Self Adhesive Vinyl is the material is highly durable as well as versatile. You can apply this material on different types of surfaces, and your signages will look stunningly fantastic. In fact, you can use them on the floor and different substrates, like road, floorboard, tiles, concrete, and carpet. All the digital signage companies in Abu Dhabi suggest using this when the businesses want to brand a bigger surface area, like a window and a wall. You can opt for permanent SAV, removable SAV, Road SAV, Texwalk, and more.

Lightboxes and illuminated lettering

Well, when it comes to highlighting your business’s important selling points, you can go for this option. As the signages will be internally illuminated, people will not miss them out during the night. The colors will look crisp and bright. You can opt for lightboxes with acrylic inlays for stunning illumination. The signboards can be doubled sided or single-sided.

Neon sign boards

Such signboards come with gas-discharge tubes carrying neon gas. Using this, you can light up the logo and can also be used to create wayfinding signage. Neon has a retro and classic look, but you can come up with a modern style using this.

Vinyl or painted wall graphics

Using these, you can create bright, creative, and colorful designs. Just apply them directly to the walls, and you are all set to go. These can be used for wayfinding and internal branding.

The options are unlimited. All you need to do is work with the trusted digital signage companies in Abu Dhabi to enjoy the desired results. Go for it now and increase your brand presence in the market.

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