All You Need To Know About Wash Basin Vanity Designs For Your Home

It’s essential to pick the proper vanity for your bathroom while remodeling. Every vanity has its own style, and it must be compatible with the area in which it will be used. After all, the vanity you’ll use in your master bathroom stores in Perth will be different from the one your kids will use on a daily basis.

When it comes to choosing a new bathroom vanity, these are the following things to consider.

Selecting Bathroom Vanity Base Designs

Wall Mounted Vanities

These vanities are often wall-mounted. They give the area an ultra-chic aesthetic while also making the bathroom appear larger. They also provide greater standing space in the bathroom. However, be sure that your bathroom wall is strong enough to support the weight of the vanity and sink.

A wall-mounted vanity differs from other types of vanities in that it is physically attached to the bathroom’s wall surface. This is fantastic in terms of how nicely it fits into your bathroom while not taking up a lot of areas. Furthermore, it doesn’t need to be linked to your floor directly. However, you should be cautious about how you want to use it. It might be harmed by any thrusts or other types of force applied to the surface. If you apply too much effort, the vanity may fall off the wall and cause damage to your bathroom.

Corner Vanities

For half-bath or washroom settings, a corner vanity is a prevalent form. A corner vanity can be used to make the most of available space in a bathroom stores in Perth with little room for the toilet and sink. This usually necessitates using a round sink, which may also be mounted on the wall to conserve even more room on the floor. These are exceptional vanities and sinks, but they can help transform even the smallest space into a valuable and attractive bathroom.


These vanities stand alone on the floor. However, they provide a creative edge to the decor since they can easily handle artistic accents. Their styles range from modern, clean lines to classic motifs.

Free-standing vanities are also ideal for storage and may be used with a variety of designs. They are also pretty straightforward to set up. However, they take up a lot of room and collect a lot of dust, especially those with legs.

In addition, there are many showrooms available that provide plumbing supplies in Osborne Park if you are searching for plumbing supplies in Perth.

Selecting the Best Vanity Top

Vanity tops are available in various shapes and combinations, offering you lots of options in terms of design, size, color, and edge treatment. Here are some of the most popular colors:

Grey Countertops

Grey countertops have been popular for a long time and come in various colors and textures, including slate, grey granite, soapstone, quartz, and marble. As a result, there are limitless possibilities for grey seekers, from Bianco Antico Granite to Pietra Cardoso Slate to Coastal Grey Caesar Stone Quartz.

White Countertop

If you like the classic look of white, look into quartz, quality granite, and solid white. With its clean lines and modern elegance, quartz is a popular choice among homemakers.

Tan Countertop

This color pairs well with classic vanity tops such as Kashmir white, granite, and golden sand.

Picking the Best Bathroom Vanity Sink Design

For transforming the aesthetic environment of your bathroom, you may pick from a myriad of unique bathroom vanity sink designs.

Drop-in Sinks

These sinks are sometimes referred to as surface-mounted sinks because they may be put on any type of countertop, including stone, synthetic countertops, plastic laminate, and even ceramic tiles. They feature a lip that is designed to outsize the hole where they will drop into a countertop. Thus, they are rather simple to set up. They are, nevertheless, prone to seal breakdown as time passes.

Integrated Sinks

Because the sink is integrated with the counter, they are also known as countersinks. Cleaning these sinks is also a breeze.

Under-mount Sinks

These sinks are typically installed from the underside of the counter, with the plumbing waste and lines hidden into the vanity base. The sinks have clean lines and are of high quality. They are simple to maintain and well-equipped. However, the size may vary depending on the vanity design chosen.

In the end, it’s preferable to think about all of them before making a decision. Once you have made your choice, there are several bathroom stores in Perth that provide various options. However, one of the best Bathroom Supplies in Osborne Park is The Sink Warehouse.

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