Benefits Of Concrete Pumps In Construction Projects

The versatile concrete pumps have become increasingly famous in construction projects as they make the work easier. They evenly distribute concrete to the respective sections on the construction site. Whether it is to construct pavements, brick walls, or architectural structures, these machines are so efficient in pouring the material. 

Be it a small or large project, always hire professionals for effective results. The well-skilled and licensed ones know better how to operate the concrete pumps. Typically, there are two types of concrete pumps. A boom pump works through a robotic arm (boom) that is connected to a truck. The second one is the “line pump”. It has a trailer-mounted pump that makes use of straight hoses to place concrete with accuracy. 

Both the concrete pumps have facilitated the way of concrete pouring which provides many benefits to the builders. Let’s discuss them in this article!

Advantages Of Using Concrete Pumps In Construction Work

Increased Concrete Pouring Speed

Speed plays a significant role in the effective completion of a construction project. By choosing the line pump or boom pump over other methods of concrete pouring, the process becomes simple and quick. Both types of pumps are attached to the trailer or truck, effortlessly making them accessible to all spaces of the site. 

These concrete pumps take less time and workforce to accomplish the work than the manual approaches such as using wheelbarrows or cranes. This is because they are flexible enough to reach and pour the concrete wherever needed. The entire process can be completed within a short duration. 

That’s why, the main reason for choosing concrete pumps over the manual methods is certain deadlines of projects. Contacting a concrete pump service is the best way to assure that the concrete will be placed in the shortest time possible. Typically, the pumps have the capacity to pour about 180 cubic meters of concrete per hour. Hence, making a fast and inexpensive solution for pouring the concrete mixture to the respective areas on the site. 

Reduced Labors Cost

Finding well-trained labourers for effective construction projects has become challenging these days. This is the reason why hiring concrete contractors makes absolute sense. They have professional operators in their team who will place the concrete with the help of a line or boom pump in an efficient manner.

When there is continuous flow in concrete placement, no time is wasted. Using the handy concrete pumps, productivity increases, leading to the completion of work on time and within the budget. Thus, concrete pumping is a cost-efficient procedure that saves labour costs. 

High Work Quality And Accuracy 

Flexible concrete pumps can place a large amount of concrete mix at a great speed. No matter, whether you choose a boom pump or line pump, the benefits will always be high work quality and accuracy in concrete placement. 

With the accuracy of a concrete pump one can ensure less or no wastage of material and only a few delays. Be it placing concrete on the top portion of multi-story buildings or in foundations block, a boom pump assures accurate work. You will not find any spills or lumps in the project areas. In fact, many reputed concrete companies offer site cleaning and waste management services as an essential part of concrete placement. 

Enhanced Durability

Manual concrete pumping needs a high amount of water during the process to maintain the consistency of the material. However, when the concrete completely becomes compact and dry, the water evaporates and it shrinks down. As a result, cracks appear on the surface which adversely impacts the durability of the particular structure. 

On the other hand, a line pump, as well as a boom pump, requires little amount of water. Consequently, the consistency of the concrete mixture and texture of the material remains intact, once properly dried and hardens. Ultimately, it preserves the strength of concrete and enhances its durability. 

The stronger the concrete structure, the lesser the breaks and repairs it requires, saving the maintenance cost for the long run. Thus, choosing concrete pumps guarantees an increased structural strength. 

Great Wider Reach

Some sites can be tricky to access as they are in distant areas from the roadside. However, you can place the boom or hose of versatile concrete pumps accurately in any hard-to-reach places. Be it an enclosed building, down steep slopes, or over fences, they can reach effortlessly.  

You might be wondering about the reach of the potential concrete pump trucks. Vertically, the boom pump can reach up to a height of 41.9 meters while horizontally, it reaches 38 meters. However, long-size boom pumps have the capacity to outstretch more than 60.96 meters. 

Generally, concrete pumps are portable as they can be easily packed when not engaged in work. You can fold them in three configurations:

  • Roll and Fold: The parts of the concrete pump folds beneath the next one in a rolling motion. This arrangement needs huge space to extend, hence, best for large area projects. 
  • Z and Multi-Z Fold: The parts of the pumps fold in a zig-zag motion which is most suitable for working in packed areas.
  • RZ or Multifold: The pump parts fold both in roll-and-fold and Z configurations.

Safety At Project Site

Being able to extend over large areas, concrete pump trucks can be kept out of the way of risky obstacles. You need to park trailer or truck in a safe place, and spread the hose or boom where you want to pour the concrete mixture. 

Besides this, a line pump and boom pump even require a few workforces to operate them as we have mentioned above. The benefits of which are less overcrowding of site, assuring work safety and efficiency.

Summing Up

By now, you would have understood the advantages of concrete pumps for your construction projects. They offer safety, enhanced durability, high accuracy, reduced labor costs, and many more benefits. Not only will the pumps save time and cost but also assure precise concrete pouring. 

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