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Best Braiding Pattern For Wearing 360 Wigs

With the growing interest in easily wearing 360-degree wigs, some wig wearers are wondering if the best way to braid hair that grows naturally under the wig cap is to achieve the perfect look. Some people bid. So what texture pattern is best for a 360 frontal wig? It is always recommended to change up your braided style every time you sport a new lace front wig. The same applies to 360 wigs and other Lace wigs.

Before putting on a lace wig, choosing from the many natural hairs braiding styles for a person depends on the amount of hair around the person.

Before applying a new Human hair lace front wig or bundle weight extension, the directional braiding pattern of the natural hair needs to be changed. To avoid the possibility of tension along the hairline causing more hair to fall out. Most lace wig wearers and high-level enthusiasts rely on braiding patterns like simple braiding techniques. But Braid together to avoid the risk of losing the hairline for reasons. The K pattern changes the way how you pull your hair. 

braided hair
braided hair
  • Cornrow braid pattern  – Your natural hair is pulled back and pinned at the neckline – this is a great option for a lace front wig, a full lace wig, and a bonded lace wig. This braiding technique is ideal for treating the scalp gently when combing. In response to the lack of moisture due to climate change, you can easily lubricate your scalp at the recommended amount every other day.
  • Beehive Swirl braid pattern– Crochet Cable Braid Pattern 360 Frontal Wig Glueless Lace Wig.
  • Vixen 4 part braid pattern – This superior technique is an excellent model for installing braided hair extensions.
  • Circular braid pattern – Ideal for attaching lace closures, bundles, or lace wigs. This braided design is ideal for wearing a lace wig with a comb in the cap where the comb slides easily under the braid.

Using non-woven hair (thick braid), weave natural hair into a circular cone while weaving more centered modified hair into a row of reeds. Then weave all the ends together and then either tuck them under the hair or use pins and thread to secure the heads. Make sure the blades are as flat as possible.

Cut the 360 wig tip along the hairline to complete the installation.

With or without a cap (the 360 ​​front wig attaches with adjustable straps and the pre-attached wig comb slips over most 360 wigs).

An imperceptible high

To avoid hairline detection, the wig wearer can attach the unit to the hairline with wig tape or a small amount of silicone wig glue. Choosing to treat your scalp every other day allows you to choose the tip color that most closely matches your skin tone and choose the most authentic hair texture your hair can have.

braid down with lace wigs
braid down with lace wigs

Why You Need to Change your Braiding Pattern

1. Dramatic hairline change with the latest lace or bundle wig installation.

2. Knee marks on the edges, even on the back of the neck

3. Symptoms of short hair along the hairline: It often starts on one side (left or right).

4. Cracks at the hairline or at the nape of the neck: This is caused by very small cracks or bumps.

5. Painful feeling after installing 1-hour braid and wafer: take it out immediately, breathe the hair for 48 hours. And, Change the braid pattern to a clean and comfortable feeling, and then install again. She does what you need.

When braiding naturally growing hair before applying a 360 frontal wig, during climate change. Properly moisturize the scalp with essential oils to avoid the possibility of dryness and dehydration. In particular, remember to cleanse the skin during the winter months.

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