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CenturyPromise Makes CenturyPly Even More Special, How?

In recent years, the demand for plywood has soared as interior designers, architects, and house owners have started to prefer plywood over regular wood for furnishings. Not only does plywood add to the strength, but it also comes with a rich finish that isn’t tapped in another kind of furnishing material. But to avail marvelous furnishing, you must use only original and quality plywood. However, in recent times, counterfeit plywood too has made an entry into the market. This makes it quite difficult to get superior quality, authentic plywood.

But with CenturyPromise, you can avail the benefit of using good quality plywood. If you are asking yourself how, then the answer is too simple. CenturyPly promises a mobile app. This app is your ultimate stop to check for the authentication of plywood in seconds. If several questions about this app are swirling up in your mind, then keep reading to get more information about it.

What is this app about?

CenturyPromise app is a mobile application that is available on both Android and iPhone. This app enables the customers to determine the plywood’s authenticity, originality, and details with just a scan of QR. In addition, CenturyPromise has innovated a new technological method wherein they embed the QR codes in each plywood, allowing the customers to identify if the plywood they purchased is a real product or a fake one. This is a  new invention in the Indian plywood manufacturers’ history.

How to use the CenturyPromise App?

The mobile application of CenturyPromise is very easy to manoeuvre around. You are only required to install from your App Store or Google play store. Then, just scan the QR code which is embedded on the plywood to check the plywood authenticity.Moreover, the scanning also provides you with the information and details plywood was manufactured and in which factory. Getting this level of information will enable you to decide on your own if the plywood is genuinely real or fake. Also, you can download an e-certificate or e-warranty certificate from the app.

What makes this application different from others?


Plywood is a material that is not regularly purchased. Any consumer buying the product hopes that it will last for a long time. The same applies to plywood as well. Therefore, a consumer should check the plywood quality before buying any product.

All the necessary details required to check the originality of plywood are presented through the CenturyPromise application. With the simple technology of QR scanning, any consumer can get the original and quality product of plywood.

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