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Canon MX490 Wifi Setup


Canon has now launched wireless printers that make printing easier and more convenient for users. Now you can easily print by keeping it wherever you wish, which makes printing more enjoyable and simple. There are so many reasons to choose a Wi-Fi printer-

1- Minimum wires are required and only works on a power button.

2- These printers are not as big as the older ones used to be, so take minimal space and can be kept wherever you desire. And are easily portable from one place to another.

3- It has fewer wires as well as the ability to print from any device you use such as your phone, laptop, etc. There are some easy steps to connect your devices to a wireless printer.

Added to the fact that there are two types of wireless printers available in the market by different companies which have slightly different advantages and features, including the above-stated advantages.

Canon MX490 Wifi Setup

*Bluetooth printer

*Wi-Fi printer

They have the same basic function as they do not differ in that aspect and also have all the benefits of a wireless printer. The difference lies in their connectivity and performance based on that. The Bluetooth wireless printer can be connected via Bluetooth with the laptop or any other device compatible with Bluetooth connectivity. Which means it can only connect to one device at a time.

On the other hand, a Wi-Fi wireless printer is connected to the Wi-Fi router, which means that any computer can access it. Comparing both it’s much better to choose a Wi-Fi printer. Now the question is how a Canon MX490 Wifi Setup. So there are some steps to it.


Connect with Android

  • Click on the power button of the printer green light will show up.
  • Now look at the LCD screen of the canon printer, if it is not showing anything then press the copy button, then there will be a written thing will be on the screen
  • Then click on the set-up button, the screen will display set-up wireless LAN, and now press the okay button.
  • With left and right buttons switch to another set-up and click the OK button, with the use of the right arrow find cable set-up on which you have to click the ok button. With that connected smartphones and android will be displayed.
  • The next step is to download the Canon print  app on your android, open the app if the printer icon is shown on the top that means it is connected and if not,
  • Then click on add printer and register printer while doing that select method i.e. through a wireless router.
  • After selecting the process of connection, where it will show the printer on the phone click on it. And there you are with your printer connected.

Connection through laptop

Almost most of the steps are similar while connecting Canon MX490 with android or with a laptop. The very first thing is to connect the Wi-Fi router with a laptop, then the rest part has to be done with the laptop.

  • The software is needed to be downloaded in the computer either by the CD being provided with the canon printer or through the official website of canon
  • Through the website download the set-up for the model of the printer.
  • To start the process open the downloaded file on your computer, and answer the question being asked by it, there will be given one option of choosing a network.
  • There click on the option of connecting through the router and rest it will guide it on your own, need to follow the instructions provided by it.

It is not difficult to follow these steps in order to set up the connection with the CanonMX490 Wi-Fi printer. However, failing to comply with any one of them will result in a sloppy connection. Make sure you follow the set-up instructions exactly so you won’t skip any steps.


There are so many advantages to wireless printers over corded ones. They look neater, you won’t see wires hanging around the computer table. So not only does it not look messy but it spares some space that might have been occupied by it.

The coolest part is that you can connect the wireless printer with wires as well. The software provides a second option for users’ convenience and benefit. The device can be connected using a USB cable and the company has provided instructions for doing so in its booklet. The PDF for the same can be downloaded from the official website of Canon. A user can find a complete manual of the printer, its features, and how to set it up in various ways on the website. On other devices, such as Macs and iPhones, downloading the software is very significant.

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