How can I create Yahoo Child Account?

Yahoo has become one of the best email services that allow you to create a child account. This email service has a special program for kids under age 13. Child Account allows a parent to check the email messages and contacts. This account will be connected to the existing Yahoo account and changing it to the Family Account.

Make sure to keep the family account password secure and safe. If the child has the password, they might be able to make changes to the account without permission. There must be a credit card to create Yahoo Child Account.

Create Yahoo Child Account under 13

  • Open the Family Link app if you don’t have the Family Link app. Go to the setup page to let’s start
  • Tap on Create in the top right and follow the prompts to create the account
  • When you are all set then, you will see a confirmation screen
  • The age requirement of Yahoo mail is 13 years old

Setup Parental Controls on Yahoo Mail

If you have the date of birth listed as under the age of 13 when you are on the procedure to create Yahoo Child Account. You won’t be able to avail of Yahoo services. Yahoo limits the activities that the user might participate in on the official site and prohibits that edit account details for accounts registered under 13.

Best email service for child

Here, you will need to activate the lock and for that, you have to-

  • Access your Yahoo ID (You should register as 18 or older)
  • Now, go to Search preferences and choose Strict as there is no adult content from the drop-down
  • After that, click on the lock just beneath the drop-down and go to save and you can sign out

You can activate the lock system on the child profile on Yahoo Mail and for that-

Activate lock system

  • First and foremost, go to the Yahoo main page and enter the Yahoo credentials to sign in to your account
  • Go to the Search preferences and choose Strictly and there is no such adult content from the top drop-down
  • After that, click on Lock appears just below the drop-down where the option will be grayed out to confirm the lock

All you have to do is to click on Save and you can now sign out

Restrictions for Existing Accounts of Child

The child account won’t be able to-

  • You will need to participate in Yahoo Fantasy games
  • Then, access Yahoo mail by entering the credentials on Mobile App
  • Use the Full-featured Yahoo Mail version and receive special offers or purchase services from Yahoo mail
  • After that, edit the account information that includes name, phone number, nickname, and alternate email address
  • Participate in promotions or sweepstakes where the info is shared with the third parties for all purposes of marketing

Managed by Family Account

The child has their own Yahoo Mail ID that is available with the Parent’s account. As the parent, you will be able to-

  • Firs and foremost, edit the Yahoo Banned List of the child account
  • Now, access the child account to change the part of the children account
  • In addition, there you have to edit the account information of the child and other info that is available in Yahoo
  • You can close the family Account, you will need to close the connected child account first

These are a few terms and conditions to create Yahoo Child Account. But, these features are available with the account and hence, it is advisable to enable them now. Yahoo charges 50 cents to create the email account of a child. Never do fraud while creating a child account because if Yahoo detects that you you have create an account in a fake way, you will be blocked.

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