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How to create your resume stand out among your competitors

Getting a job can be the easiest or the most challenging task to do. Apart from it, depending on your credibility and educational or professional background, what also matters is your first impression when you are looking for a job. Unfortunately, it is a common sight that excellent candidates often do not get the job due to their lack of confidence and inadequate presentation in resume writing.

There are many ways you can increase your chances of landing a job. Of course, you need the required qualification for it, but there are other ways that also help you improve your chances of standing out.

Following are some of the key aspects that can further aid your candidacy.

Body language

Interviewers often tend to notice the body language of candidates. How the person functions in an interview and whether he or she is losing their calm. They may even ask intimidating questions that can give them a hint of unease. It holds a negative impact on your overall profile.

Dressing sense

A person’s overall personality reflects through their clothing. It is a representative of how they carry themselves and give importance to their clothing. Moreover, Interviewers specifically watch out for the candidate’s shoes. It is because most people do not pay too much attention to their shoes. However, a responsible person would prefer attention to detail and can prove to be a valuable asset to the company.

Communication skills

It is a very underrated soft skill that many people lack. It is not easy to convey your message to others if you do not have the necessary skill set. Therefore, interviewers evaluate candidates on the basis of their communication skills.


This is quite possibly the most essential part of your presentation. This piece of paper has all your details and information and is a great way to convey what you bring to the table. Your resume reaches your employer before they physically meet you. Resumes allow them to filter out the most eligible candidates out of all the applications they receive.

You need to keep in mind that most companies and organizations use automatic CV checkers. These are electronic devices that process your CV digitally and pick out the best ones. They work through checking a CV automatically for the essential keywords in the CV that suit best with the job description. It is one of the real reasons why your need to consider excellent resume writing before you submit your job application.

This CV checking system filters out about 75% of resumes. And of the 25% of resume that gets in front of the employer, he only gives 5-6 seconds of attention to each of those resumes on an average. Therefore, it weighs heavily on the applicants to use a technical resume writing expertise for their resume.

Here we will briefly review how you can maximize your resume’s effectiveness through impeccable resume writing:

Set a catchy format

It is best to consult the internet to get catchy resume format ideas. You can either download them from the internet or make them yourself. MS office now comes equipped with various resume formats. You can either edit them as per your likeness or find the best one.

Always put a resume header.

Every resume needs a header that can announce all the basic information about you. The header includes your name, your email address, and your contact number. In addition, you can also add in your social media handles, online work portfolio, or a subtitle.

State your objective

Resume writing isn’t child’s play. You have to keep numerous things in mind to ensure you increase your acceptance chances. One key aspect of it is to write an alluring yet conclusive objective statement or a summary. It can help you portray what you are seeking/expecting from the employer.

Relevant work experience

One thing many job applicants do not pay much attention to is their work experience. We need to keep in mind that the employer does not want to know about the tuition job you had five years ago. Instead, he wants to know about your past experience that is relevant to the job you are applying for. So, ensure that your work experience is similar to the one you are applying for at the moment.

Use numbers and actions

One thing everyone wants to see is your credibility. And what’s a better way to show it through facts and figures. It is more appealing to the employer to see hard facts.

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