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How to Increase Sales and Reduce Amazon Arcos

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Amazon is a pay-to-play marketplace. If your company isn’t investing in Amazon advertising campaigns, then you’re probably losing profits to your rivals.

With the increasing quantity of space allocated to advertising formats in search results, using Amazon Marketing Services is never more vital.

If you’re finding it difficult to comprehend how to increase the effectiveness of your ads, take a look.

How to Establish Amazon Advertising Campaign Goals

Advertising goals are contingent on many variables. You are primarily looking to get results in these areas.

The business objectives you choose to pursue and how you will quantify these depend on the product’s duration. This is an important aspect that we constantly impress customers when discussing how to sell products on Amazon.

What is this? Running ads for products that are new is indeed different from running ads for existing products that have been on sale on Amazon for a long time.

The older models will probably be rated highly and have favorable reviews. the rating will be high, and this listing must have been adjusted to increase the conversion rate.

Let’s suppose that all these are in their proper places.

The primary goal of these products is profit.

If you’re creating ads to promote a new product, a brand’s or product’s recognition could be lacking, there are likely to be a few reviews, and it might not be the right time to determine how effective the conversion rate is.

In addition, new products are unable to achieve a high sales position.

Advertising on the radio is the most effective method to generate those crucial first sales, which will boost sales rank and begin to establish momentum in sales.

With these considerations at hand, you’ll likely make revenue your primary objective. Additionally, you’ll accept a higher Arcos to increase your revenue.

Take a look at this from a different angle when you decide to set a low Arcos, which could yield a profit however, you could be limiting the sales potential over the long term for the item.

It’s better to sacrifice quick-term gains to achieve long-term business success.

Once you’ve established your goals for your campaign, it’s time to design your advertisements.

How to Structure Amazon Ad Campaigns

I’m not going into great detail about the structure of campaigns in the article. The focus is on what we can do after the campaigns are up and running. I’ll also be referring to structure frequently, so it’s good to have a brief review of the structure of the campaign.


Campaigns are divided into classic hierarchies

Let’s consider a business that makes sun protection items for example.


This is used to distinguish Amazon advertisements to differentiate different products or brands. For example, a sun protection company could have different portfolios of parasols and sun tan lotions.


commonly used to split the target across different categories of keywords – generic, brand, and competitive. Our sun tan lotion product will be bidding against brand terms, generic terms like ‘sun tan lotion factor 50’, and competitors, for example, ‘Nivea sun tan lotion’.

Ad Group

that are used to target different kinds of keywords, or for various types of targeting. The sun-protection brand might choose to target various types of generic keywords within different advertising categories. For example, sun protection or sun cream for children.

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What Targeting Options Does Amazon Advertising Offer?

We can target keywords by employing two primary strategies


You choose the keywords you wish to target, then decide how broad you would like to reach those keywords.


Let Amazon’s algorithm review your listing and determine the keywords it believes are the most appropriate for your product.

In the event of launching a campaign, it is recommended to make use of a hybrid approach

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