How to troubleshoot Gmail if it’s loading slowly?

Gmail makes it possible to stay connected to people from all over the world. You can send and receive messages from and to anyone and everyone in this world. Gmail has more than one billion users, and no doubt, they all love it. It is available to all. It is available in over a hundred languages. When you log in to your account, you have access to YouTube, Google Maps, Google Meet, etc. So, when Gmail is not working and Gmail notifications not working, many applications will not work. The guide below will help you understand such errors and solve them.

Creating a Gmail Account

Step 1

Visit the Gmail Account Sign In page.

Step 2

There you’ll find Create an account. Click on that.

Step 3

Enter your name and click on “Use my current email address.”

Step 4

Then enter the current email address and click on Next.

Step 5

Then verify your email address. A code will be sent to your current email address.

Step 6

Then click on Verify.

How to fix this problem?

Restart Gmail

This is the easiest way to tackle problems occurring in the Gmail account. A) Simply restarting your Gmail may solve half of your problems. And if you’re using a browser, then you can restart the whole thing, too, instead of just closing it.

Sync Gmail

If you mess up settings, it may be why your Gmail not syncing. Like the Gmail account sync option. So go ahead and check the settings.

Step 1

Open the Gmail app on your phone.

Step 2

Then click on the menu button, which is in the top-left corner.

Step 3

Then go to Settings.

Step 4

Tap on your account and scroll down to find the data usage section.

Step 5

Then make sure that the checkmark next to Sync Gmail is on.

Restart Device

This is the most common troubleshooting, and it works most of the time. Restart the device. It may fix all of your problems.

Remove Gmail Account

You can also give Gmail a complete account restart. To do it, first, remove your Gmail account and then add it again. It is worth a try if nothing works.

How do you remove your Gmail account on Android?

Step 1

Go to the Settings

Step 2

From there, go to Passwords & Accounts.

Step 3

You will find your Gmail account. Click on that.

Step 4

Then you will have to click on “Remove account” and follow the “OK” screen instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a Gmail user have more than one email address?

Yes, definitely. You can have several email addresses when you create several email aliases. You can add approximately thirty email aliases for each user.

What is different about the paid version of Gmail?

A paid Gmail feature has customized email, guaranteed uptime, twice the storage of personal Gmail, unlimited group email addresses, zero ads, and full-day customer support. It is difficult to complain that Gmail is not receiving emails. Because of these other features, which are over the top.

These simple tricks will most probably solve your problem of Gmail not receiving emails loading slowly. Also, please check your internet connection. Make sure that your internet connection is strong by preventing other websites. Check if your airplane mode is off. Both of these can result in Gmail not working. So check all the possible reasons. Lastly, follow the steps given above. These will solve your issues in no time.

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