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App Development

Instacart Clone – Start Your On-Demand Grocery Delivery App Within A Week

The stable internet connectivity and advanced-technologically smartphones have made it convenient for the users to get their daily essentials in a few taps. Taking this opportunity, the entrepreneurs are showing a keen interest in developing Instacart Clone App.

Why Instacart like App? It’s a successful business model, that people are already aware of. This informative blog will provide you with a detailed rundown about On-Demand Grocery Delivery Business.

COVID19 Has Impacted Daily Essential Industry

The days of walking into a grocery store, buying what you need, and then standing in line to pay are long gone. Recently, people have preferred on-demand grocery delivery apps due to their convenience and comfort.

The rise of Covid-19 has resulted in a significant increase in the demand for such apps. Nowadays, most people order groceries online. The economic crisis has undoubtedly increased interest in grocery delivery apps.

For example, in the United States, nearly three-quarters of people have avoided shopping for groceries in stores and are now fond of grocery apps. Instacart is one of those well-known American-base apps that has been heavily used by many. The pandemic is nearing its end, but there is no turning back. Therefore, launching an on-demand grocery delivery app like Instacart is a top-notch business idea.

Developing The On-Demand Grocery Delivery App like Instacart

Recognizing the market growth of On-Demand Grocery Delivery, it’s time to build an app that can attract target audiences and significantly increase sales. A comprehensive grocery app development solution includes four major landmarks or milestones.

Choose the right business model

The business model is critical in determining how a platform conducts its operations. For example, you may be required to prepare groceries or collaborate with retailers to meet the needs of customers.

The following are examples of popular business models for grocery delivery platforms:

Single-Store Model: This model should be suitable for retailers who want to conduct online transactions. You can allow customers to place orders through the app and have them delivered to your front door. This model is popular among small grocery stores.

Grocery chain model: Similar approach to the single store model, but the grocery store has branches in different regions. You can order groceries at your nearest store. Apps like Walmart Grocery are based on this model.

Aggregator model: If you are a new entrepreneur looking to aggregate a large number of retail stores, this model can be extremely beneficial. Deliveries are handled by the grocery stores in this model.

Determine the feature set of your app

The features of the Instacart Clone App make your app different from the rest. Some of the distinctive features that will make your On-Demand Grocery Delivery App stand out from the rest. This includes Restricted delivery driver’s fraud, Re-assign delivery driver for the store orders, SKU Code for store delivery,  Free delivery promo codes, Store closed days, Voice instructions for the delivery driver, Multiple deliveries,  Search by name,  Location-wise promotion code,  Location-wise push-notifications.

Pre-determination of revenue sources

Whatever approach you take, the ultimate goal of any business is to generate consistent income. It is prudent to consider a variety of income-generating options and to identify your primary source of income. Profits can be made in a variety of ways, including:

Fees: If you select the Marketplace or Aggregator model, the grocery store owner will be charged a fee for connecting with the customer. This way, as long as the customer purchases groceries through the app, you can fill your pocket with ease.

Shipping Charges: The final cost estimate for a specific order will invariably include shipping charges. Customers pay you a delivery fee to have their packages delivered to their front door. Some of it will be deliver by courier, but this method can be very profitable.

Advertisement: Displaying third-party banner ads on your platform is an excellent marketing tactic. The situation creates a win-win situation in which you earn revenue from these ads and third-party brands benefit from increased visibility.

Subscription management. Subscriptions are an excellent way to provide value to your customers while also generating a consistent source of revenue. You can create several subscription plans from which customers can choose monthly or yearly.

In Conclusion

We hope you have gathered enough information before you decide to start the grocery delivery app.

On the other hand, online grocery delivery market revenue is expect to surpass US$187.7 billion by 2024.

Therefore, it is a wise decision to consider entering this market. Choose Instacart Clone Script, a ready-to-use grocery delivery app solution. This way, you can launch the app within a few days.

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