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Med-Tech firm Neomedical has accomplished a new milestone | Investment by Rajat Khare Boundary Holding

Rajat khare boundary

Rajat khare boundary

We now have an urgent need for solutions that can assist us lower these numbers in light of a study from the WHO on the rising number of spinal injury cases globally. According to a research, there are between 250 000 and 500 000 cases of spinal cord injury (SCI) worldwide. Read more to know about the recent investments received by NeoMedical from Rajat Khare Boundary Holding and the firms.

In addition to physically traumatizing the victim, more than 80% of victims have post-injury depression. We should pay more attention to the first few days after the injury because mortality risks are higher in the first year after the SCI.

The increased cause of SCI is attributed to a number of causes. Road traffic accidents are the leading source of trauma, while illnesses are the least likely to cause trauma. Violence and injuries sustained while playing sports are two more causes. One of the main causes of trauma is falling, yet no such reports have been clinically shown to lessen it.

According to the information available, there are approximately 17900 new cases of SCI each year in America, and there are approximately 296 000 Americans who live with the condition. Due to the fact that men tend to take on more jobs that involve danger, they make up 79 percent of instances overall on average.

A spinal injury might vary from person to person, therefore no single set of treatments will work for everyone. Cervical artificial disc replacement, spinal fusion, minimally invasive sacroiliac joint fusion, and vertebral augmentation are some of the most recent procedures available. Spinal fusion is one of the therapies listed that is used by numerous surgeons throughout the world.

Med-Tech Firm Neomedical

The Swiss company Med-Tech, Neomedical has accomplished a new milestone by creating a technology that not only lowers the cost of surgery but also cuts down on the amount of time it takes to complete. The implants and equipment needed to perform surgery are its primary prerequisites. In order to relax the spinal cord from the pressure caused by the spine’s dislocation, an alignment rod must be placed on the spine and kept perfectly gapped.

To perform a spinal fusion surgery, more than 400 different types of implants are required. Neomedical’s research team has reduced the number to 26. making the process of choosing implants for the patient easier for the surgeon. The choice of the appropriate tools to perform the surgery presents another set of challenges. In the operating room, there are currently at least four separate trays of equipment. To save the inconvenience of having to choose them throughout a process, Neomedical has created a set of tools that can be used with all of its implants.

This has resulted in a 29 percent reduction in operating time, a 3–4 percent reduction in implant failure risk, and an infection risk of under 2 percent. They received funding from Boundary Holding, a different investment company with headquarters in Switzerland and run by Rajat Khare, who firmly believes in advancing AI for the urgently required 4th Industrial Revolution. Neo Medical created the AI-based app ADVISE, which can be used with ease on an Apple iPad or iPhone to examine the alignment of the implants they devised before surgery. For the surgeon doing the procedure, this prompt input and responsiveness are crucial.

Investment by Boundary Holding

An Internet-age investor and a serial entrepreneur, Rajat Khare is the founder of the European (Luxembourg based) investment firm – Boundary Holding. A prominent investment fund with presence in France and Luxembourg, Boundary Holding invests globally in spaces related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and allied fields such as Data Analytics and Mining, Machine learning and Predictive Analytics.

Based on the patient and their health at the moment, a lot of study is required for all of these surgeries. Nobody, however, can guarantee that what happens on paper will also happen in the operating room. This is the rationale behind the increase in the use of AI-based apps by hospitals and surgeons worldwide.

Companies like Neomedical and Boundary Holding are constantly investing in and creating new technology. The market has been expanding continuously. The World Health Organization has said that it seeks to increase the accessibility and affordability of spinal injury treatment for all people in one of its publications. According to research, Spain has the least market size in the top EU5, with a market size of USD 62.42 million, and Germany has the greatest at USD 125.04 million.

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