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Meet the 5 Indoor Plant Varieties Hogging the Limelight

Indoor Plant

Are you famous in your friends’ circle for being a green finger? Perhaps you love starting your day surrounded by dainty tiny indoor plants? Indeed, it’s quite a delight to have plants adorn your home.

Get this: according to a recent ABC Rural News Report, in 2020, Australians splurged a whopping $2.6 billion on just as many plants. Now, that’s a lot!

In this read, we’ll walk you through the rockstar indoor plant varieties that you can consider welcoming into your home. To top it off, you can visit an online shop for planters and purchase pots, planters, and vases to grow them in!

As a new or veteran plant parent, you might be raring to hit the shops and bring home some lovely and succulent plants. While you’re at it, ask for these indoor plant varieties:

  1. The Snake Plant

Let’s get this list started, shall we? The Sansevero, alternatively known as the snake plant, makes for an excellent indoor plant choice. Their long and wavy sea-weed like leaves are very pleasant to look at, and the plant, on the whole, is tough as nails.

You need not panic if you forget to water a snake plant for a few days – they’ve survived droughts. Apart from easy maintenance, snake plants can purify the air by getting rid of harmful chemicals.

  1. The Rubber Tree

Originally from South America, the rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliense’s) is what a no-fuss indoor plant should look like. Their leaves look stunning, courtesy of the dark green and magenta pigments. Moreover, they are incredibly easy to maintain.

Here’s a pro-tip: always place the sunshine-loving rubber tree in an area that receives plenty of light. Snap up a light-coloured pot for the tree from an online shop for planter(s), and you’re all set!

  1. Aloe Vera

A lot has been said about the healing powers of Aloe Vera. But that cannot stop us from singing its praises. With leaves resembling octopus arms, this veteran indoor plant can give your house a facelift by making the space look bright and cheery.

Whenever you have a bad skin day, you can always use the help of your Aloe Vera plant. All it needs is plenty of sunlight in return.

  1. The Money Tree

A commonly sighted house plant, there’s a lot that money trees bring to the table – they can reduce stress, help manage sleeping disorders, and even bring luck to those who need it. The tree’s hallmark braided trunk is a sight to behold.

If you have pets, you needn’t worry, as this plant cannot cause them any harm. It’s even capable of thriving wonderfully in low-light and excess water conditions.

  1. Philodendrons

If hanging plants are more up your alley, you need not look beyond the Philodendrons. They are effortless to cultivate, and their lush and succulent leaves can endow your surroundings with a potent dash of colour.

Shop for hanging planters from an online shop for planters, and ensure that they receive just enough sunlight. Even before you know it, the plant will bloom!

The Bottom-line

And that’s a wrap! Snake Plants, Rubber Trees, Aloe Vera plants, Money Trees, and Philodendrons are fantastic house plant options that everyone can consider. If you’re in the mood for something off-beat, you can even opt for a Peace Lily, a Yucca, or a Bonsai.

It ultimately boils down to personal preference. Happy Planting!

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