Computers and Technology vs Bigtime: Which One Helps Increase Productivity

The success of any business project depends on a number of factors which include individual and collective efforts. The project is made up of a team of experts, a fixed budget, several tangible or non-tangible resources, and communication channels. Using all of them efficiently can drive productivity, however, without proper technological support like Monday com vs Bigtime, it can be a major concern for most companies.

Productivity levels have majorly suffered since the pandemic and the average office worker finds themselves experiencing only a few hours of productive output. The project team members report similar outputs which can severely affect timelines since most tasks are dependent and can only complete in a specific sequential order. 

Many studies have concluded that the damper on productivity has affected almost every industry, especially those that deal with computer-based tasks. These results are a cause for concern and require an efficient but quick resolution. Even one unproductive worker or a few wasted hours can result in a major issue which means organizations will suffer.  

A slacker team member can lower the overall group efficiency and result in a huge financial setback. This leads to another combination of problems such as multiple delays, low-quality work, and a decline in customer satisfaction levels. However, both vs Bigtime aim to rectify these issues with many features that increase productivity.  

They empower the users and allow them to put in their best efforts toward deliverables. This article looks at how they support projects through all stages i.e. planning, execution, implementation, and handover. 

How They increase Productivity

Keep Quality in Mind 

To keep the productivity levels high from the beginning to the end of the project. The users need to develop a project plan that includes every stage from the beginning. Monday project management introduces a higher degree of quality to all plans. All team members can sit down together with the executive management and have an open discussion on all the project details which can then record on the platform. 

The objective of the meeting is to establish the goals for every phase of the project. All the involved parties should have a say and they can use various estimation techniques included in the software to create realistic approximations of their costs, resources, and deadlines. Once the plan takes shape and define, it will be easier to assign roles and responsibilities to users.  

These details suppose to be known by all team members, leaders, and stakeholders because they are responsible for handling the goals, roles, protocols, and schedules. Having BigTime as a centralized system where all the information is accessible to all team members makes things easier. With proper planning and complete transparency, companies can not only increase productivity levels but also improve the quality of their products or services.  

Record Every Change 

One of the biggest benefits of vs BigTime is that allows users to document every update or edit made to the plan or goals. Many plans undergo several iterations because the clients or team members keep making necessary adjustments. These changes make because of delays, late approvals, additional tasks, new goals, or reorganization of the internal structure.  

It is important that project managers keep a record of all changes and notify the concerned parties. With proper documentation, it is easier for companies to review information in the future. The auditing process is also further simplified because there is a trail of evidence to justify each shift. Project managers are also able to repeat different critical processes with the help of these documents. They can update the project estimates. This is useful when trying to send in requests for additional funds, resources, members, or extensions. 

Prioritize Important Tasks 

Employees can be productive at an individual level but all that effort will go to waste if they are focusing on less important tasks. They will not be making any major contributions and cause bottlenecks in the project pipeline. The overall performance of the team depends on collective efforts and the importance of Monday project management is evident in these situations.  

It is a reliable project management solution that can help boost productivity by helping managers create more effective workflows. They can arrange tasks according to their priority levels and send notifications to team members. The software automatically sends alerts when a milestone is achieved or if a deadline is creeping up. It motivates the team members to maximize their productivity. It keep the big picture in mind when putting in the effort. 

Get Rid of Wasteful Activities 

Productivity issues are not only limited to office workers and can affect others as well. Most companies measure productivity in terms of completed tasks. However, real productivity can achieve when users are able to free up more time to focus on important tasks by letting go of wasteful or expendable activities.  

It is up to the project managers to identify which action items are a drain on the resources. It ties up employees when they could be working on something important. BigTime software helps teams analyze company practices and workflows more closely to get to the root of the problems. If they look with open eyes, they will be able to come up with an entire list of productivity sinkholes. 

Some common ones are websites where employees are likely to waste hours scrolling. There are ways to block their access within the office premises so users are less likely to waste time. Managers can also perform random checks on their employees to see if they involve in an activity that is otherwise useless.  

Choose the Best Software 

Making a decision between vs BigTime can be challenging. Both software has a proven way to increase employee productivity. When companies invest in new technology, it is considered a big decision but with maximum return on investment. However, before they jump the gun, it is important for them to do all the research to make sure they are choosing a solution that fulfills all their criteria.  

They need to rely on a platform that meets the organizational needs otherwise it will be a waste of money. 

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