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Say No To Viruses, Bacterias, And Other Microbes

What are viruses, bacteria, and microbes?

They are just microorganisms that are all around us. You can find them on the table, on the chair, on your bed, especially on the shoes and clothes that you just wore outside. You may have worn clean and newly washed clothes when you left home.

But that is not what you were wearing when you came back in. Your home may be clean, but the outside world is not. Dust and dirt have definitely followed you back home. Along with that, the microorganisms are not far behind.

These are the pests that you cannot see with your naked eyes. They are seemingly invisible but certainly not harmless. Various diseases and illnesses can be caused by microorganisms.

Viruses can cause relatively minor diseases such as fever and common colds. It can also cause a more serious illness like respiratory infection or flu. Bacterial diseases include pneumonia and tuberculosis.

If it was bugs or mosquitos, then you could have used some sort of pesticide on them. They are vulnerable to those and can be affected. Since you can see them, they are easier to manage. But what can you do with something that you cannot even see?

How do you fight it? Can you protect your family from the harmful effects of microbes?

There are a few ways to make your home a little safer for your family. One of them is investing in the new ViroKill technology by CenturyPly.

What is ViroKill technology?

It is a new technology created by CenturyPly. It is specially targeted to attack and eliminate any microorganisms that come into contact with it.

How does CenturyPly achieve this?

This has been achieved by the application of the new nanotechnology developed by the company. Nanoparticles are used as the surface treatment to the products of CenturyPly to create antiviral plywood.

Why should you use this technology in your home?

  1.  Safe for humans –

No matter how it affects microorganisms, you can be sure that it is completely safe for humans. Some of the customers may have concerns regarding the side effects of this technology. But there are none.

Since this is a surface treatment, you may wonder if you can be harmed in any way when you come into contact with it. But you will not. This antiviral technology has been created to be used in homes and offices. It is completely safe for people.

It is responsible for killing the microbes and keeping you safe. And it does just that.

  2.  Indoor and outdoor –

The first point is to make sure that the plywood with ViroKill technology can be used indoors. The outdoor usage is dependent on how it reacts to the sunlight and natural weather conditions.

Some premium plywood products assure that the plywood does not react with sunlight. It can be exposed to several hours of sunlight every day and still remain unaffected. It will not be losing its microbe-killing property as well.

  3.  Decorative –

Many a time, any kind of special feature puts a restraint on the styling ability of the object. This is not the case with CenturyPly plywood. You can still use it like any other plywood in the market. As long as you are not damaging the outer layer of the plywood during the decorating process, you can still have plywood with antiviral features.

The Bottom Line

With this technology, plywood for furniture can be both protective and decorative in nature.  For years, CenturyPly has strived to provide the best quality products to its customers. Even in the future, it hopes to continue doing so.

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