Solutions to Fix Epson Printer Wi-Fi Connection Error

The Epson Company manufactures a diverse collection of Wireless or Wired printers that provide the best printing services and functionality. But, sometimes, a variety of important errors (Epson printer error code 0x97) or messages cause unneeded interruptions to their printing tasks. Fix Epson Printer Wi-Fi Connection Error? This is among the most frequent errors that plague many people trying to print their documents?

So, Epson Printer Wi-Fi Connect Error could be due to a variety of reasons. One of them is no Internet connection, no Network or the WiFi connection isn’t working properly. Also, the slow Connection like the speed of Wi-Fi slowing down because it is too far away from the router. Sometimes, there are problems with the modem or router that are affected internally, causing them to stop communicating with or connecting to the network of printers. Don’t be concerned about it! It is easy to fix Wi-Fi Connect Error by following the correct troubleshooting techniques that are recommended by Epson expert printers. It is then necessary to immediately follow the solutions below or steps to quickly solve the issue.

Solutions to Fix Epson Printer Wi-Fi Connection Error:-

Solution 1:- Power Off Device

Step 1: When you notice that the Epson Wireless Printer is not printing the document or shows an error message, it is recommended to turn off the devices for a period of time. You must ensure that you are able the ability to turn off your devices in the order of wireless printer computer, router along wireless access point.

Step 2: After turning off, turn on all the devices that are in the same order: wireless router, computer, printer along wireless access point.

Step 3: Make sure that all devices are fully charged before you activate the next. This will allow the device to re-initialize and possibly establish an internet connection.

Step 4: Go into your laptop and verify whether you can find the printer. If “Yes”, you should be able to start printing.

If not, move on to the next problem-solving solution.

Solution 2:- Perform the Troubleshooting Procedure

Follow these steps

1: Go to “Control Panel”, then “Programs and Features”, and then remove the entire Epson programs, e.g. Scan, Easy-PhotoPrint, EpsonNet Config as well as the drivers.

2: Click “Start” then “Printers and Devices” and erase all printer instances that were installed via the installer CD.

3: Next step is to download the latest editions of the Epson drivers and utility software and install them again.

4: Go to the “Start” button, then run, and then enter the following command “%WINDIR%\system32\spool\printer”, and after then delete all files in this folder.

Solution 3:- Start the Printer Spooler Service

  • Click “Start” or click the “Start” button and then look on “Services”, then stop and restart your Printer Spooler service. After this, ensure that the printer will print successfully.
  • Print a test sheet.
  • The Epson printer should be working properly.

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