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Tips to ace the SAT – The Ultimate Guide

SAT is one of the most popular exams conducted to make college education easily accessible. It is conducted by college board which has more than 6500 colleges affiliated worldwide! The score obtained out of 1600 decides their performance, and here are some tips for covering sat syllabus.



  1. Develop Good Study Skills:

Good study skills are necessary for achieving a good score on sat exam. Here are a few tips to help you develop study skills-

  1. a) Make a Study Plan- Create a weekly schedule beforehand with the topic-wise division to cover all topics thoroughly. Let this planned act as their guiding light throughout the year.



  1. b) Identify your strengths & Weakness: – Do not try to memorize everything at once. Instead, identify their strengths and weaknesses. Start with the topics that you are good at to gain confidence before moving on to challenging issues.



  1. c) Manage your time: – Managing time is as essential as studying effectively as it helps them accomplish all work within the given deadline. 



  1. d) Practice regularly: – Do not leave the practice of concepts or questions, even for a day! One should practice every day, revise after a gap, and take mock tests (at least three) to assess their preparation level and areas requiring improvement. This will help them solve problems in less time and increase accuracy rate too. Here’s how to quickly solve any math problem.



Read a lot:

  1. – Reading a lot is a great idea to cover the entire syllabus in less time and with reasonable accuracy! But make sure they read different genres of books to increase Vocabulary and develop their reading skills. It may also help them figure out what type of stories or articles interest them most so that it becomes easier for them to choose the right book as per their taste.



Improve Vocabulary: –

  1. It’s perhaps the simplest way to score well but many students ignore increasing their vocabulary as they feel difficult and boring because improving vocabulary has been associated with mugging up words from the dictionary or other reference books, which can be tiresome for some people at times. So here are a few tricks to improve their vocabulary fast.



Manage One’s Time: –

  1. It’s not just time management that is important but also the distribution of time according to the difficulty level of different topics and questions that can help them finish a paper on time.



Maintain a journal: –

  1. Keep a journal regularly and write their thoughts, ideas and what they learn from articles or books they’re reading. It will make it easier for them to recall information when they’re sitting for the exam.



Think Positive: –

  1. Keep in mind that ‘negativity’ and ‘positive thinking’ are two sides of a coin. Believing in self is like having a positive mental attitude (PMA), which will help one in times of distress. Follow these ways to stay positive during tough times.



Develop Good Reading Habits:

  1. These habits will help them become good readers and improve their concentration level, which is directly linked with their SAT score.



These were some valuable tips to keep in mind to cover SAT syllabus with great efficiency.

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