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Top Interior Design Trends To Decorate Your Home

Are you planning to give your house a new interior design this year? Then you should consider these quirky trends full of colours and unique designs that will undoubtedly make your home looks excellent.

Punchy colours

Use bold and bright colours such as green, yellow, orange, purple, or blue to decorate room walls and furniture. Colours are always a part of the trend and will remain popular in the upcoming year. For incredible results, consider using different textures with colours for walls and things around the house.


Choosing which type of furniture will make it in trend this time. Different textures are a great way of doing that. Prefer placing geometric shapes, curved lines or handcrafted chairs and tables in your living room interior for a better look. If you are wondering where you can get this much specification, you should try out Etsy. It has the finest handcrafted and custom made products that you can get at incredible discounts upon using Etsy Coupon Codes Australia during your purchase.

Checks and Stripes

For an impressive yet simple sight, try combining stripes and checks. For example, choose two of the compelling colour for wall stripes and to complement it, consider having sheets and cushions which have check print on them. These two teamed up will definitely look trendy.

Vintage and modern

Mixing vintage and modern furniture to the interior will provide your house with a distinctive trendy look. People are looking back at old stuff and giving it a new look by adjusting it with various items throughout the house. It will not only look good, but also you can save a significant amount of money by utilizing your old vintage stuff. For intense, if you have an old vintage wooden chair, you can modernize it by giving it a punchy texture print or cover.

Use vibrant patterns for rugs and furniture

Rugs are a great addition to complete your living or lounge look. Try using rungs with tribal or Turkish designs with vibrant colours and patterns to justify the overall look for a trendy yet distinctive feel. Moreover, opt for furniture which has colourful design and geometric patterns. You can also DIY by following various videos available over the internet.

You can also try layering different rugs patterns over each other with table and sofa settings to make your living room look worthy.

Hanging decorations and lights

To save your budget and time, it is not necessary to invest a heavy amount in designing the roof or upper interior of the house. You can provide a mesmerizing look by just using a minimal design hanging light at the right place such as over kitchen table.

Aspiring quotes and words 

Quotes and aspiring words are trending nowadays. We can see that on Instagram and Pinterest. However, you can also make it happen by using an empty photo frame. Just print out an inspiring quote and stick it up on a photo frame to use it as a wall or table decoration. Furthermore, you can also incorporate family pictures and quotes into a family tree and place them beside a wall close to the staircase for a better look.

Incorporate nature and plants

Indoor plants are back on-trend. You can try to relocate them to your house from your garden. For example, read about ideal plants that can be placed indoors throughout the year. After that, you can purchase one and put it next to a window or on the kitchen top to filter out pollution.

Curves that inspires

Curves and different shapes of furniture and windows are back in the business. Try incorporating your house with a curved sofa and chairs to give it an elite finish.

Multipurpose spaces

Many of us have realized the importance of multitasking stations ideal for working from home. Many designers have seen a considerable increase in multipurpose spacing options for utilizing fewer spaces for maximum rewards, such as a working table combined with a bookshelf that can be pulled up at the time of work or a minibar under an empty staircase will make it worth your effort.

Fancy curtains

Fancy curtains with rich patterns will be a trendy hook for 2021. Try placing a bold or plain colour curtain with patterns or line design, ideally having black or intense colour to elevate your windows and room.

Bring the outside home

We didn’t mean to bring the sand and animals inside your house. Instead, consider having a small garden on the balcony to feel fresh and fabulous. You can also try floral wallpapers and prints as these nature designs are taking over 2022 and will be a hit trend in future.

Moreover, you can also consider having a mini pond rather than an aquarium for a more modern yet trendy touch.


Mirrors are not just meant for a tabletop. This is the era of new shapes and unique mirrors. You can check several online stores for purchasing them for a super good look team up your furniture and mirror in identical form. For intense round shape mirror for curved furniture or square shape mirror with pointy furniture to complement your living room

Interior Designing is not an easy job. We hope that by reading this blog, you will now have a better idea to give your home an ideal makeover. You can check out the popular coupon website Revounts to get the best coupons for your favorite brands including this.

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