Use an Applicant Tracking System to fill a position faster.

It is not the best metric for recruiting as it does not guarantee a positive, significant impact on the company. But, speed is always better, especially when you want to beat your competition in hiring the candidate you are interested in.
Top talent is in high demand, so you need to act fast or lose your chances of getting them. An ATS is a tool that can speed up filling vacancies. Its dynamic functions allow for precision and help to make it easier.

Five Ways to Fill a Position Faster With an ATS.

  • Multiple Sourcing

    An ATS can use in many ways to source candidates. One way is to automatically post job opportunities on several job boards (Indeed JobsDB, Glassdoor and many others) in just a few clicks. All applications received will be consolidated into one platform. It reduces labour and time.

Mental, an Applicant Tracking System in India software, has built-in career pages, builders. It allows you to creatively present all job openings while obtaining greater chances of receiving resumes. That can be linked to your existing career page. Which is allows you to publish jobs, get job details, and send applications. WordPress career pages can also integrate via the API.
This article will provide more information on creating a great career page. It will benefit both your employer branding as well as company culture.
Manual has also developed tools to help you find talent on sites like LinkedIn, which allows you to manage referrals easily.
It will be easier to find the right candidate if you approach recruitment from multiple directions.

  • Utilizing the existing candidate pool

Do not jump on the internet to find strangers instantly. Strong databases are essential to ATS systems. It can leverage in two ways. First, you can use a candidate recommendation engine. Manual is one of few ATS that offers this feature. It suggests candidates that are a good match for a particular job based on their skills and experiences.

You can also leverage the existing talent pool by looking at past interactions with talents. Are they available now but not before? If they are, you have all the details (resumes, skills, salary expectations etc.). Send an invitation to interview, and you can proceed.

It doesn’t take long to contact someone looking for a job. It will be easier to hire future employees by building trust and credibility with people in your network via email campaigns. They might refer your company to others if they aren’t available.

  • Screening Saves Time

You can fill positions quicker by speed screening. Mantel’s Candidate Scorer will allow you to see the top candidates instantly. You will see a percentage of their potential suitability for the job. It will reduce the time it takes to assess their CV. To get the most precise results, refine your search.

You can also enhance it by using the Social Media Enrichment option. You can get to know your candidates by looking through their social media accounts using a professional lens. Mental ATS will search for keywords that could help build their profile.

  • Effective Collaboration

Manual allows you to invite hiring managers to join the project and monitor candidates. They can log in at any time to view progress and status and even leave notes if needed. You can also send emails to them for follow-up, such as reminders or schedules for interviews.

Cool, right? It is easy to see how all communication, activities, feedback, and information are synchronized and centralized. It allows everything related to the application process to be evaluated without third-party software.

Collaboration is encouraged at all stages. It ensures that everyone is on the same page and will reach a consensus.

  • Take a look at Analytics and Reports

You can quickly identify what data-driven facts to improve or where to concentrate your efforts. For example, you can look at recruiting metrics to determine where the best candidates are coming from and how to hire the best.

No matter what it is about clients, candidates, or jobs, all data can find here. Mental makes it even easier by allowing you to export reports in a single click.

This guide is like a foolproof way to hit the bull’s eye. These are the key factors you need to know, so it’s up to you to take action and get the right candidates.

ATS can help you quickly hire top candidates. You should be able to fill positions quickly and increase company success and performance in no time.

Manual allows clients to fill job vacancies in as little as 22 days. It is almost half the time it takes for other companies. Our ATS is a powerful tool to help you fill your recruiting needs faster and more effectively.

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