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Ways to Fix Canon MX490 Printer Not Responding Error

Canon Printer Troubleshooting

Canon printer is one of the biggest printer and other office equipment manufacturers for decades. The Canon company is famous to focus upon the image quality in all their devices including digital cameras, lenses, and printers. Canon family printers are having a big range of models based on their capacity and innovative features. Canon provides various types of printers that are suited for different consumers including small businesses  Global Enterprises and for individuals. In this blog, we are going to discuss the canon mx490 printer. Here we are going to tell its features and how to fix the canon mx490 printer not responding to errors.

Printers of the features that make it the first choice of every home and  business:

Within a real sense of a handful or even many models to choose from, there is a Canon printer to match any printing prerequisites – home, private ventures, print shops, or enormous undertakings. The similarity is additionally a concentration for Canon, giving gadgets that are reasonable to Windows and Mac working frameworks or corporate organizations.

Ordinance’s printers are planned not exclusively to be exceptionally utilitarian and to create excellent pictures, yet in addition to being not difficult to introduce and work. In any case, there can be times when your PC or the printer just may not be getting along and working consistently. Indeed, you might be welcomed with the message that your Canon printer isn’t reacting. What moves would you be able to make to get your printer-friendly with your PC once more?

What to do if canon mx490 printer not responding

If you are using your canon printer and suddenly you realize that the -canon mx490 printer not responding occurs. Then here are some obvious checks that you need to do.

Causes of canon mx490 printer not responding

There are two common causes then you may frequently e experience Canon MX490 printer not responding scenario:

After New Installation of your Canon Printer

There could be multiple reasons that can lead to the Canon MX490 printer not responding after the news installation of your canon printer.


Nowadays many printers come up with complete Wireless Technology. It can lead to multiple setup issues in your network router or the access point or the printer configuration.

To fix this problem on your wireless connection you can take the following given steps:

This is a genuinely basic one-time process. Assuming that your printer is working appropriately, and the remote switch or passageway is imparting, you ought to have the option to effectively run a test print work when complete.

Let’s assume that your printer has a wireless connection,  then you have to check that your PC and printer connection is viable and secure. Arranged printers commonly incorporate Ethernet cabling, which ought to be of great use. Don’t easily route establishments with unacceptable links that could create issues or affect execution.

Software –

your operating system or drivers may be outdated or missing. If you are using the setup media that’s come up along with your printer. Then it’s become important to update all the software that you are using in your printer.

Summing Up:

Here we have discussed the canon MX490 printer not responding to the error. We have discussed the common causes of this error and the ways to fix it using simple steps. I hope it will help you with canon printer troubleshooting if it occurred in your system. If you are not unable to fix your problem on your own then you can connect with us.  We have a team of expert technicians who can help you to resolve all your issues over one conversation.

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