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What Are Different Ways to Arrange School Lockers?

Nowadays, school lockers are proven as a great asset to the majority of schools in the UK. They contribute heftily to enhancing the enthusiasm and ownership of kids as well as teenagers at schools.

Moreover, school lockers can help in keeping the surroundings clutter-free and organised without much hassle.

Installing lockers is not enough for neat and clean school premises. You need to effectively manage and arrange the school lockers properly to utilise them for a long period.

It becomes easier to find even the smallest things in the locker when it is arranged systematically. School lockers might lose their significance if they are not used properly.

Accurately arranged lockers aid students in maintaining punctuality for attending classes and completing assignments without wasting much time. Teachers can also use lockers to store valuable belongings.

In other words, a meticulously organised locker is the doorway to ample lucrative benefits for teachers as well as students.

However, messy lockers cannot bring desired results. Moreover, they may even decrease the aesthetics of the environment as well.

But how do you arrange the school lockers? Are there any proven methods for accurate arrangement?

Certainly, there are numerous ways to arrange school lockers without losing the purpose of the locker and utilizing every corner of the locker.

Here are a few of the ways to arrange school lockers,

  • Utilise Hanging Shelves
  • Hooks and Clips
  • Purchasing Folders
  • Install Drawers
  • Use Magnetic Whiteboard
  • Careful Organisation

Let me explain these points briefly,

  1. Utilise Hanging Shelves

School lockers generally come with ample vertical space. Usually, students use this space by stacking one item over another. It might seem like a practical way of utilizing the space. However, it becomes very difficult when you need to pull one item from the middle of the stack.

Therefore, hanging shelves should be used in the entire vertical space. The hanging shelves have pouches to store various things. These pouches make it easier to store small miscellaneous stationery.

Hanging shelves are easily visible due to their transparent material. It becomes viable to find numerous important things without spoiling the whole arrangement.

  1. Hooks and Clips

It is easier to stick magnetic hooks and clips inside the doors of the school lockers. Magnetic hooks can be used to hang up scarves, backpacks, jackets, hats, caps, and purses. Clips are essential appliances to hang up relatively smaller items such as earphones.

Hooks and clips aid in upkeeping the quality of any small items. Also, these appliances provide a high level of comfort to the users by saving their time substantially.

Hence, you can easily find and take out the required item without disturbing the set-up of the whole locker.

  1. Purchasing Folders

It is a very difficult task to manage several loose files and documents. There is the constant fear of losing important documents although you might have kept them inside the school lockers.

Therefore, students should purchase a giant folder to store important homework, paperwork, forms, announcements, pamphlets, answer papers or any other necessary documents.

Always avoid stuffing numerous papers in a single school locker, it might damage the paper or reduce its quality. Also, store the folder above heavy-weighted items such as textbooks inside the locker to maintain the quality of the folder as well.

  1. Install Drawers

You can always install a drawer inside the school lockers to utilise the extra space more accurately.

The space inside the drawer can be leveraged for various purposes such as keeping small items such as stationery, ID cards, badges, receipts, mobile accessories, and many more. You do not have to worry about misplacing these small items.

Also, you can store extra stationery products such as pencils, papers, erasers, etc to prevent the need of carrying these extra pieces with you.

  1. Use Magnetic Whiteboard

There are plenty of magnetic whiteboards available in the market which can be placed inside the school lockers.

It is not always possible to remember important dates of submission and other activities. With a whiteboard, you can jot down notes and reminders for your own reference.

The magnetic whiteboard helps you in reducing the worry of remembering significant events and days. Without a doubt, it enhances the effectiveness of school lockers.

  1. Careful Organisation

There is no need to rush and look for the right books and materials between different classes. According to the timetable, you can organise important school resources inside the school lockers.

This will save time and effort by a significant margin. You can quickly find the needed books and documents whenever required.


The abovementioned points will help you effectively utilise the whole space of the school locker. There are several types of school lockers available in the UK market. You need to choose the most suitable option based on your school premises and requirements.

Organised lockers play a vital role in satisfying the students and reducing their efforts significantly. Therefore, it is essential to arrange the lockers as per the convenience of the users.

School administration should also motivate students for upkeeping the quality of school lockers to run them for a long period.

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