What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Kraft pillow boxes?

Kraft paper is a type of cardboard, and it is made from wood pulp. This paper is popular in packaging due to its environmentally safe nature. These do not add to the pollution and naturally degrade. Also, Kraft paper is appropriate for boxes as they are vigorous, resistant, and durable. Kraft boxes are greatly used for packaging, e-commerce, and shipping purposes. Boxes are the foundation of any industry when it comes to the packaging of goods. Kraft boxes are useable for any product, such as cosmetics, food items, jewelry, etc. Also, one can design these boxes in many ways, like Kraft pillow boxes or Kraft folding boxes.

Kraft paper for pillow boxes

An unusual way to design packaging is by making pillow boxes. These boxes are flat in the middle with folded sides. This is a smart style for packaging due to its uniqueness. The reason behind this is that the pillow boxes look very attractive and different. Also, pillow boxes work perfectly for gifts packaging. The best way to manufacture pillow boxes is with Kraft paper. Kraft pillow boxes are made wholesale for cost-effective production. Kraft paper will make these distinctive boxes further valuable by adding an eco-friendly character. However, for pillow boxes, Kraft paper offers advantages and disadvantages.


Kraft paper is used for the packaging of many supplies, especially food and cosmetic items. The reason behind their fame is due to their unique structure and superior qualities. These offer several benefits in packaging that are as follow:


Kraft material is known for its durability and strength. These have superior quality and do not wear off easily. So the product inside will remain protected and safe from external damages. Kraft has high strength and can remain sturdy even after jerks and mishandling. Most retail items need to be transported from one place to another so Kraft boxes will be fit for them.

kraft pillow boxes printed

Packaging of any product is for its safety and protection. It must protect it from any damage or harm. Pillow boxes are used for small items that need additional safety, such as small jewelry or cosmetics. So Kraft boxes, due to their strength, prevent products from drying and breaking. Therefore, Kraft boxes provide protection and keep the goods secure. They can easily keep the products intact within the packaging and prevent any damage.


Despite their strength, the Kraft boxes are lightweight. This quality makes boxes highly beneficial as one does not have to worry about the weight of the box. If the packaging is too heavy, it will make the item heavy overall. So the shipping, moving, and transportation of the product will become difficult. Thus, Kraft boxes offer the advantage that they do not add weight to the object.


The most important aspect of Kraft paper is its ability to decompose. The Kraft paper is biodegradable, which means that after some time, it will naturally decompose. This ability makes Kraft paper environmentally safe. So one can show their consideration for the environment with Kraft boxes. It will mark the product as eco-friendly.

In current times, packaging waste is one of the leading pollution causes, so this approach is very advantageous. As it will add the company contribution in going green. Also, many people prefer to buy items that are eco-friendly as they want to encourage such steps. So Kraft boxes will be not only safe for the environment but also hold great market value.


Kraft pillow boxes can be used for more than one purpose. One can recycle these for other uses. For instance, one can purchase a pillow box and then use it for something else. If the packaging for jewelry is this pillow box, then one can also use it to keep candies. Also, the Kraft paper can be modified again through recycling. Thus, Kraft paper is not only biodegradable but also recyclable.


Printing is the most popular way to make packaging. Every seller makes use of advanced printing techniques to make attractive boxes. Currently, many printing methods are available. Thus printing allows versatility and uniqueness in the packaging. One can make use of printing to make boxes with different graphics.

Custom Printed Kraft Pillow Boxes

The advanced feature of the Kraft boxes is that they can be printed. So Kraft paper is eco-friendly and also allows printing. One can print anything on these boxes, such as multi-color, logo, brand name, images, etc. These additions are what will make your packaging unique.


Kraft paper has some downsides. Despite all the mentioned advantages, these hold their cons as well. Here are some disadvantages of using Kraft boxes:

Water resistance:

Kraft boxes are not waterproof. The plastic containers are used for transportation because they ensure that these will protect the item from any harm. However, when it comes to Kraft paper, it will not survive any water exposure. These get wet, soften and break down. So the Kraft paper either has to be laminated or coated with another wrapping to protect boxes.

Dull color:

Kraft paper is obtained from wood pulp. So these are available in mostly brownish color. Thus, there are not many color options. Sometimes the Kraft paper is dyed in colors to make packaging. This dying harms the Kraft paper. Also, its natural biodegradable quality is compromised due to dying.

Weather damage:

Kraft paper, since they are not resistant to water, is also prone to weather. In humid or wet weather, the Kraft boxes can get damaged. Thus, these will not keep items safe in extreme weather. This drawback makes Kraft boxes unsuitable for extreme weather conditions.


In conclusion, Kraft paper is extremely versatile. One can use this to make unique pillow boxes. These Kraft pillow boxes must be made wholesale to get pocket-friendly production. So the packaging will be unique, protective, recyclable, lightweight, and biodegradable. Apart from all these advantages, Kraft has some downsides. Firstly, these are not water-resistant. This makes them susceptible to water and weather damages. Also, Kraft paper sometimes looks dull but dying will not be much helpful.

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