What are the best math applications for kids?

Education in the twenty-first century is rapidly evolving, and educators all over the world are adopting, particularly when it comes to the use of technology in the classroom. Teachers and parents alike are naturally curious: What are the best math applications for kids?

With on-air seminars for students within hearing distance, radio ignited a revolutionary surge of learning in the early 1920s. Videotapes were introduced in 1951, paving the way for new, visually appealing instructional methods.

According to the Educational App Store, there are around 500,000 apps classed as “Educational” as of June 2018. Finding educational apps that effectively build skills, engage students, and improve learning outcomes can be difficult in the face of an unending sea of options.

Here are some of the math applications for kids to help you in your search for high-quality educational apps.

Elephant Learning Math Academy

When students use this arithmetic platform for 30 minutes a week, they will master a year’s worth of math in three months.

Elephant Learning’s algorithm generates real-time reports that show you what your child is working on and how far they’ve progressed through the collection of math exercises.

Slader math

Slader math app is a helpful software for kids in middle school, high school, and college who are having trouble understanding and solving their homework problems. Some students suffer from phobias related to certain subjects, such as math, physics, and chemistry. Such pupils can benefit from slader’s simple explanations of textbook questions. Photomath, Hwpic, Wolfarm alpha, socratic, mathway, mathPapa, and others are some of the other slader choices.

Other basic search volumes available from the Slader include calculus slader, slader discrete mathematics, slader discrete mathematics with applications, and slader calculus of a single variable (8th edition).


DoodleMaths is like having a good instructor, according to co-founders Nicola Chilman and Tom Minor. Its adaptive learning technology, referred to as “7-a-day” activities, tailors arithmetic curriculum to students’ strengths and weaknesses.

You may discover where your child is excelling and where he or she needs to improve by using the Parent Dashboard.

Khan Academy

This self-described “global classroom” provides tailored learning tools for students of all ages, both inside and outside the classroom.

Adaptive technology can assist discover strengths and learning gaps through practise sessions and instructional videos made by math content specialists.

Splash Math

While single-year apps are available for Splash Math, the All Grades edition allows students to practise curriculum from kindergarten through 5 grade. If your child has mastered 2nd grade arithmetic abilities, he or she can progress to 3rd grade math.

You can obtain real-time updates on your child’s progress and skill completions by using their Parent Connect App.

Twelve a Dozen

Touch Press Games has created this math game. They create high-quality, entertaining educational games that help math applications for kids reading, arithmetic, and science skills.

Join Twelve, the numeric hero, on an adventure through the world of numbers.

She’s on a mission to save her family and Dozenopolis from the terrible Ultimate Prime.

To complete puzzles, children will rely on their talents and knowledge of key math principles.

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