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What is the cost of creating a food delivery app like Uber EATS?

Indeed, the food apps have transmuted the food industry. Apps like UberEATS and Zomato provide convenience to the users’ lives when ordering food online. We can have our favourite dishes at the doorsteps with some simple taps on a mobile device.

Since these applications have gained worldwide popularity, many budding entrepreneurs have started investing in them. They want to develop a full-fledged food delivery app to stand apart from the rest.

If you also want to develop the same application, consider every feature, working model, and cost of making apps like UberEATS.

However, you can take assistance from the best food delivery app development company in India to turn your idea into reality. The top-notch app developers will derive a digitalized solution that caters to all your needs and requirements.

What is the business model of UberEats

Let’s learn how UberEats became a top-notch brand in the food apps delivery industry.

The dominant platform prefers a dual business model that works both as an aggregator and delivery personnel. It enables the restaurant to list every item on the app and offers delivery services for the same with its logistic support. The platform provides several attractive features like customised search filters and order tracking that let its customers stick to it.

Other than this, UberEats believes in different strategies, making them a competitive figure. So let’s read thoroughly to have a clear understanding of how the platform works:

  1. Custom Order Placing 

Custom order placing allows customers to pick their favourite items and the location where they will receive the delivery in the expected time. This feature provides access to the customer regarding order placement and tracking. The food delivery app development company in India considers this feature to give a lot in terms of convenience.

  1. Real-Time Order Placing 

With this feature, the customers can pick their orders from the application feed that shows a list of flexible menus, timelines, and locations of the restaurants. However, UberEats works the same as other companies, but the availability of Uber drivers in local areas carries it one step ahead compared to others.

  1. Restaurant Partners 

UberEats allows several restaurants and cafes to partner with them to meet the increasing demands for online food platforms. The restaurants also prefer the ease that the platform provides to the end-users.

  1. Delivery Partners

The provider does not hire any delivery guys separately as the registered Uber riders deliver the products within the local network. The riders receive orders as per the restaurant, customer, and location.

Earning Model of UberEATS

Here is the earning model of the dominant platform that helps you become a pro among other food delivery platforms.

  1. Delivery Charges from Customers

The last amount of the ordered items gets fixed by the base price and the surcharges. However, the apps have higher demands during peak hours like lunch and dinner, so the surcharges get a little high.

  1. Advertisement Charges from Restaurant

It’s a kind of marketing fee that UberEATS charges for placing a specific restaurant in the top search results. This strategy is used to beat the competition for the restaurant that pays it for standing apart from others.

  1. Commission from Restaurants

The application charges a fair commission ranging between 15% to 40% from restaurants to managing their orders. Factors like time zone, geolocation, and demand for the food determine this commission.

Cost of Building an App like UberEATS

The cost of building an app like UberEATS depends on different factors. Few of them are mentioned below-

App’s functionality and features

  • Development time
  • Design complexity
  • Resource allocation & cost
  • Tech stack used
  • Choice of platform
  • Integration of advanced technology

But if you want to know the exact amount of your food delivery app, make sure to connect with a team of experienced developers today.

In a Nutshell!

Becoming a dominant player like UberEats in the food industry is really a tough job. But, several top-notch app development companies have made it all possible. You can get in touch with them to move a step ahead with this idea. Ensure to consult with the best food delivery app development company in India for better insights about the same.

However, don’t forget to comment if you have any queries regarding this post.

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