When Should You Opt for Hardwood Flooring Refinishing?

If you’re thinking that you’ll require refinishing the hardwood flooring Refinishing in your home, be prepared with the right information prior to your visit. Learn how to assess the condition of your floors, and determine if the process of refinishing your hardwood floors is the right choice for you.

Hardwood floors are an attractive and long-lasting option for any house. Although they last for an extremely long time, they will require some attention once in a while. Learn how to evaluate the condition that your floors are in, and what to do when it’s the right time to refinish flooring made of hardwood flooring refinishing Columbus Ohio. A timely refinishing process will safeguard your floors and allow the family and you members to enjoy for many years to be.

Why Should You Opt for Hardwood Flooring Refinishing

If you’re not a hardwood flooring professional, you might not know what you should be looking for when checking the condition of your hardwood flooring. Because they are surfaces that are regularly used and are subject to elements such as heat and moisture flooring will begin to degrade as time passes. Water damage or moisture can cause certain areas to develop lines that can affect the appearance and the overall health of the floor. Furniture may cause scratches, scuffs, and even indentation. The constant foot traffic may cause scratches and wear to protect the surface in areas that are used frequently.

If you observe any of these signs of wear and tear It could be the right time to get your floors refinished. It is recommended to consult a professional regarding the condition of your floors prior to deciding to decide to refinish them. A professional can be able to identify areas of damage that require repair prior to refinishing. If your floors are stained deeply or warped, squeaky, or damaged in any other way, you must ensure that these problems are addressed before the finishing process begins. In the event that you don’t, you’ll have to finish and seal damages, and this can make it harder to address in the future.

Choosing a Hardwood Flooring Refinishing Company

If there are not any major damages evident then the next thing you need to consider is making sure your floors are sturdy enough to allow refinishing. In general, flooring made of wood needs to be at minimum 1/8 inch thick before it can be renovated. This is due to the sanding portion of the process to refinish it will take away a portion from the flooring. It is essential to have enough wood on the floor to have enough left to finish in the final. The latest engineered wood floors come with wear layers that are as thin as 0.6 millimeters and therefore are not able to be refitted.

Why You Choose Hardwood Flooring Refinishing Services

Hardwood is one of the most durable and trendy flooring options for houses. It has an elegant yet fashionable finish that will last for a long time. Although hardwood flooring has echoes of the old palaces in Europe and the early American residences in the South, it is a great fit for contemporary homes.

However, one disadvantage of flooring made of hardwood is that it gets worn down as time passes. While hardwood floors can last for years, however, its polished surfaces may be damaged and dull due to excessive use. The wear and tear can be seen most clearly on floors made of hardwood that are located in areas that are prone to foot use.

The worn-out and deteriorated hardwood floors aren’t just ugly to the eye but they can be hard to clean too. This is particularly true for floors with coatings or polishes that are deteriorating. In other words, keeping the elegance and luster of hardwood floors is dependent on regular maintenance or refinishing.

Hardwood Floor Refinish – Best to Get Professionals

However, it’s important to remember that not every scratch or dullness of your hardwood flooring would require complete refinishing. Sometimes, all you require is water and a cloth to restore the shine to your wood flooring. There is a method to determine when it’s appropriate to stand up and mop or begin moving furniture before getting to kneel.

The first thing to do is walk over to the floor made of hardwood that is used the most. After that, dunk the floor with water, perhaps one or two tablespoons. After that, observe.

If the water forms into small beads, it signifies that the polish that protects your hardwood floor is functioning and you don’t require a complete Refinishing. A wipe of wet fabric or stain remover will suffice to restore the shine. But, if the water did percolate into the floor, causing it to darken in shade, the floor is already damaged and it’s time to get the refinishing of your hardwood floors.

knowledge And Experienced Hardwood Floor Refinisher 

Refinishing hardwood floors isn’t an easy task. It is recommended to enlist the help of flooring experts who possess the experience gained from real knowledge and experience as well as the tools needed to rejuvenate your old flooring. If you’d like to finish your floors with your own hands begin by reading the guidelines below.

The first step is to measure the size that the floor that you are planning to restore. Most floors that are less than or equal up to 50 sq. feet could be sanded using a manual. Sanding paper and a sturdy pair of kneepads can help you complete the job. If the floor you’re planning to restore is greater than 50 square feet, you’ll definitely require an electric sander unless, of course, you’re willing to sacrifice kneecaps or joints.

Then, after removing all fixtures and furniture which could block your work area for refinishing remove the old layer of coating on the floor. It is generally made up of varnish, wax or paint. Wax coating is easily removed using a wax stripper that is commonly used, while petroleum-based or varnish-based floor lacquer can be removed with the use of lacquer thinner or acetone. Removal of the hardwood layer can prepare the floor to be sanded.

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