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Why Should You Revive Your Business With Foamex To Create Your Promotional Signage?

A viable alternative to plastic, Foamex is made of stretched PVC foam sheets that are extremely flexible, efficient, resourceful, and user comfortable. It is extensively used to make banners, hoardings and cutouts, and security signs Foamex is a top quality printing material for any creative need dibond signs.

Foamex is also employed to create banners, signboards, schemes, panels’ hoardings, cutouts, safety signs, as well as other printing equipment. The most appealing aspect of Foamex is that it is of superior quality, is able to be cut into various shapes, and looks appealing and priced at a reasonable price.

foamex printing is durable enough to stand up to harsh weather conditions, making it the ideal material for outdoor signs. Its Foamex Printing Company ensures that you receive the highest quality Foamex designs you can get.

The Best Uses for Foamex

Foamex is a very versatile material that is suitable for a range of promotional items.

1. Advertising Boards

The vibrant colours of dibond signs provide is captivating and captivating. They are therefore the most effective advertising boards. Its anti-fading properties help to stand up to the harshness of weather conditions outside. Foamex is also water-resistant, which means that rain won’t cause any harm to your precious advertising.

2. Banners And Signages

Foamex Banners and signs are extremely sought-after due to their ability to be portable. You can pick the style and colour you want when it comes to signage. The cost of your signage is determined by the dimensions of the Foamex sign board as well as the font. Sign printing with Foamex signs is extremely efficient for customers dibond signs.

3. Shell Scheme

Shell Schema is a well-known word employed in the field of exhibitions. That refers to the design of a booth or stands which is rented by the artist. It is usually made of large upright boards, the majority of exhibitors make use of Foamex to design shell schemes to showcase their artist. It can bring life to your art exhibits and parties by decorating your booths with stunning images for your shell scheme dibond signs.

4. Exhibition Boards

Alongside the hand-drawn Chat Paper poster and the straight scheme of panels when you have an exhibition display board that is distinctive buyers will be drawn to your stand. It doesn’t matter whether it is a photograph of your work or a humorous limerick on the board. The beauty and lustre of your exhibit will establish your status as a serious and professional artist.

5. Backdrop Displays

It doesn’t matter if it’s a make-shift show, or a school’s production of theatre. A Foamex backdrop can transport your audience into a dream world. Because Foamex is available in large quantities and custom orders, it’s the ideal material to utilise for backdrop displays.

What Makes Foamex The Best Choice?

Foamex offers many advantages over its alternatives. They include:


Foamex prints are extremely accurate and detailed. As with printed paper, no matter what the design you choose to use it will be replicated onto the Foamex Board. Foamex Board to the last dot. The printing is usually top-quality, and colours do not fade or fade for long periods of duration. The finished product looks polished and professional.

Resilient To Weather And Water

Outdoor signage is frequently exposed to storms, rain dust, extreme temperature variations. Certain materials are susceptible to deterioration due to dust and moisture. However, Foamex is impervious in the face of wear caused by temperatures and humidity.

Simple And Safe To Transport

The majority of estate agent boards are cut in a way that they are smooth and rounded on the edges and corners. This makes it simple for installation personnel to transport and put up them. They’re also lightweight and are able to be carried without difficulty. These characteristics make it the ideal material to be used for on-the-go campaigns.

UV Resilient

Foamex boards are resistant to damage due to UV radiations. This is among the reasons they are great outdoor signs. The colours of your signs won’t fade for an extended period of time when they’re printed on foamex sheets.

Alternatives To Foamex

If you aren’t keen to utilise Foamex to create your designs due to reasons there are several alternatives you could consider.

Polyline Foam Board

If you’re worried about the impact of your actions on the environment or would like to include an environmental aspect in the company’s CSR newsletter, then you could utilise a polyline board. But, Polyline foam boards are more expensive to purchase and print as compared to Foamex.

Plywood Boards

Plywood is one of the types of engineered wood that is lightweight and composed of thin wood layers that are joined to each other. While it is not a popular choice in the printing industry, plywood could be an economical substitute for Foamex.


Perspex is a light and shatterproof, transparent material used in acrylic printing. Similar to foamex, it’s used for manufacturing signage. Perspex can be described as UV stable and offers a greater resistance to breakage due to impact.

Foamex Signals (Rigid PVC Signs)

Digitally printed, full-colour aluminium sign board. Foamex is a tough waterproof and weatherproof sign material that’s affordable and comes in a variety of sizes. Foamex is more durable than correx, and has a softer surface.

Despite the word “foam” in its wording, a Foamex sign is actually a solid PVC sign. Foamex signs can also be described for their rigid PVC sign signed with compressed foam, foam signposts made of PVC, foam lite signs signposts made from foam board PVC as well as Forex signs.

Foamex can be purchased in four distinct thicknesses.

3mm – Suitable for indoor use unless it is fixed directly to the surface of a solid object

5mm: Our largest and most sought-after Foamex thickness. It is the most effective price/quality/strength/weight combination

10mm – For applications in which a thicker material is required and weight isn’t an issue.

The 1mm, 3mm, 5mm and 1 mm thicknesses are lightweight in comparison to their dimensions, but 10mm thickness is large for its weight. In the event that 10mm seems too heavy or heavy for your needs, but you want something more durable, consider our dibond aluminum signs.

Foamex is used most often for outdoor signage and display panels. However, it is also used to create indoor signs, event signs, security signs, and advertising panels. Foamex is a popular sign material because it provides the perfect balance between price and strength.

Indoor and Outdoor Sign Examples

Marketing And Advertising Signs

All types of businesses use it regardless of the industry. Commonly, it is used to promote the products, services or promotional deals. Examples include signs for sales at retail or signs to announce product launches for special events.

Directional Signs

The signs for direction are usually displayed to mark the geographic place of a structure. It is usually illustrated by the use of Arrows. A good example could be the entrance and exit signs at Superstores.

Safety Warnings

Safety signs are used to alert potential hazards and reduce danger to health. They usually take symbol form or written instructions, or both. Signs of safety are usually found on construction sites, railway stations, office buildings and school premises.


While there are many alternative options, Foamex proves to be the most economical choice for printing on boards. Foamex Printing Company Foamex Printing Company can provide all the printing options that one requires all under one roof.


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