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Your Handy Guide To The Smooth Love Potion Coin

The popularity of Metaverse is growing as time passes by. Metaverse tokens are taking the world by storm as they control many things in the ecosystem. The SLP token is the most crucial part of the metaverse game Axie Infinity. The demand for cryptocurrencies like SLP coins cannot go away in the world of cryptocurrencies. Are you someone looking for ways to deal with it? How is it profitable? In this post, you will learn about the Smooth Love Potion coin and how it is effective. There are many things to understand. Let us get started now. 

The Significance Of The Smooth Love Potion Coin

If you are dealing with SLP, you are dealing with an in-game token that allows you to breed and trade with Axies, the monsters in the game. Within this gaming environment, users gather one-of-a-kind virtual creatures, Axies. These creatures are signified by NFTs. Axies can easily be updated, sold, or used in combat against your competitors. There is another token that works with the game. The name of this token is AXS. AXS is a virtual coin that users can use for governance. The governance token is very much different from SLP, which is used for breeding and trading.  

ETH-SLP’s liquidity pool was formed on the decentralized exchange, Uniswap. SLP got the capability to exit the Axie gaming metaverse and enter the market of cryptocurrencies. It was not there without that. SLP has proved the importance of a native coin that is available outside the gaming ecosystem as well as with it. Axie Infinity has evolved into the most successful game based on blockchains. Axie Infinity does not hold any charge of trading SLP coins to gamers or providing availability for exchanges dealing with these coins. SLP tokens are rather created within the Axie Infinity game. 

Experience Points and SLP coins

You should win some battles against creatures that are controlled by the computer in the adventure mode or compete with your enemies in the arena mode to earn SLP. Both the modes are available to award players with experience points and SLP coins. Despite the fact that this gaming platform provides various options for users to gain SLP coins, it might be tough for users to gather SLP required to breed Axies successfully. In consequence, a secondary platform for SLP coin swaps on Uniswap formed from the requirement to swiftly amass the coin without having to devote effort or time.

Although Axie Infinity allows players to earn SLP, they may also acquire more SLP by trading. That speeds up the gaming process. In order to prevent overcrowding the Axie Infinity ecosystem, the ecology has imposed strict limits on the number of times Axies may breed. Every Axie may be bred seven times. This happens with every needed SLP value rising with every breeding. One AXS token is also required together with the additional costs of SLP. You have to offer 600 SLPs if you are breeding for the first time. When you reach the seventh chance, the opportunity may be worth 10,000 SLPs.

Prevent The Costs While Trading

The simplest way to prevent costs is to transfer your SLP coins immediately from the wallet to an exchange platform. The wallet you will use is the Ronin wallet. Ronin wallet does not charge any cost for transactions. Thus the only expenses are from the exchange platform. Make use of a peer-to-peer marketplace. If your traditional fiat is not available as an option, that indicates a convenient way to trade coins for it. Numerous people may create an account on Binance. In case you have not, make sure you have established and validated one before going any further.

Look for the SLP technical analysis while making a move in the market. You may miss out on the other crypto tokens if they are booming and you are not attentive. Diversity is the key to success while trading or investing in the world of cryptocurrencies. Add cryptocurrencies from different categories. The three primary cryptocurrencies are cryptocurrencies, tokens and stable coins. NFTs are not really categorized as cryptocurrencies. Still, you can take them as tokens. Smooth Love Potion token is at $0.015 at present. The market cap is not increasing quickly. You can nevertheless add the tokens and wait for some months. 

Final Thoughts

In this post, you have seen much about the Smooth Love Potion coin and its importance in Axie Infinity. Follow a crypto resource that offers SLP price prediction, news and updates. If the favored platform somehow does not recognise SLP reserves, you might just desire to transform your SLP to another coin that the preferred platform accepts. Binance is one of the best exchanges from where you can trade with SLPs. The two other exchange platforms dealing with the SLP coin are KuCoin and You can sell SLP and even get USDT as SLP/USDT pair is available. 

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