10 Reasons to Invest in Real Estate Business in Dubai

The real estate business in Dubai is experiencing an unexpected boom. People from all over the world are investing more in Dubai’s real estate market to extract a profitable return. This is because of the high rental yield and the low property prices. Moreover, starting a new business is also quite easy and affordable for foreign entrepreneurs. All they need to do is obtain a small business license Dubai and get started with their business operations. Hence, people are choosing Dubai to work as well as settle for a longer duration as it has proven itself as an affordable place for living and investing. 

Let’s take a look at the reasons why investing in the real estate business in Dubai can be a profitable idea : 

Growing population with a cultural mix 

Dubai is currently one of the fastest-developing cities in the world. Moreover, the majority of residents in the city are expatriates from over 190 countries. Hence, the city has a mix of multicultural people who speak a variety of languages and live in peace and harmony. In addition, the sense of civilization in people, regard for each other’s dignity, and fairness in business dealings make it a peaceful city to live in. 

World-class infrastructure 

Undoubtedly, Dubai is a modern and deluxe city with unmatched skyscrapers, lively mega malls, a glittering skyline, and a high-tech transport system. In fact, the world’s longest driverless metro network lies within the city. In addition, the busiest airport DXB Airport and the largest man-made port Jebel Ali Port are other fascinating examples. Apparently, Dubai’s infrastructure is its limelight, which would never tend to fall or fade. 

A safe and peaceful environment 

The World Economic Forum has ranked The United Arab Emirates the third safest country in the world. Due to the upbeat government initiatives and a stable law and order system, expats from all over the globe are attracted to migrate and settle in Dubai. 

Moreover, the strict law and order make it a city with zero crime rate. Individuals can invest their hard-earned money in any business they want without the fear of any fraudulent activities and further enjoy the best results. Hence, people can live here without any worries and distress. 

Strict rules & regulations 

The Real Estate and Regulatory Agency(RERA) in Dubai imposes a stringent structure of rules and regulations. The transport policies and rights boost the long-term growth of the real estate sector. Moreover, the country has always maintained political stability, along with financial and monetary stability. It places a strong prominence on participation in day-to-day governance. In addition, Dubai has a sophisticated banking system that provides wide access to credit facilities and abundant liquidity.

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Booming tourist destination 

The exciting desert safaris, luxurious beaches, relaxing spa breaks, grand shopping malls, fascinating nature, adrenaline-pumping adventurous activities, and many more. Dubai has almost everything to offer. Consequently, it becomes one of the busiest and most sought tourist destinations. 

Investor visa 

The UAE offers renewable property investors visas to those individuals who invest above AED 1 million in a property in the country. This, thus, enables them to secure an Emirates ID, and UAE driving license. They also get the right to sponsor their family and other dependents. 

Stable economy 

The fate of the businesses lies in the economy of the country. Businesses grow as the economy grows. Talking about Dubai’s economy, then it is the most stable of all. Even during the pandemic, it suffered many fluctuations but eventually came on track and marked its spot on the global chart. Further, it is aiming to be a successful economy in the coming future. 

Perfect commercial location 

The geographical location of Dubai provides quick access to key regional and global growth markets. It has capitalized on the advantage of being the business hub of western Asia on the coast of the Persian Gulf. Therefore, investing in the real estate business in Dubai can never be a waste of money as it connects several continents. In fact, on international grounds, Dubai is recognized as a desirable destination to live as well as invest in. 

Quality life 

Dubai offers an excellent way of living with its excellent framework, supreme dining options, advanced recreational and entertainment amenities, amazing healthcare services, and well-established education system. Additionally, people can afford all these conveniences at reasonable prices. In addition, various developers also offer properties at stunning prices, be they extravagant homes or speculation opportunities. These developers have something for everyone that not only falls under their budget but also provides returns on their investment. Besides, Dubai being the most upcoming and desirable area, people choose to work and live here and avail of the excellent lifestyle facilities and amenities. This is because the quality of life in Dubai is non-comparable and cannot be found elsewhere.

Tax-free haven

If you are in Dubai, you do not have to stress over taxes. This city lets you be carefree from all such liabilities. For instance, once you purchase a property in Dubai, you have to just pay the registration fee and get a small business license Dubai. You are free from annual property taxes and all other liabilities associated with living in Dubai.  Moreover, you do not even have to bother about additional taxes in the future. Hence, investing in Dubai real estate can be extremely lucrative, provided the 0% tax levied on properties here. 

Other major factors to invest in real estate business in Dubai:

  • High rental yields 
  • Exemplary real estate projects 
  • Development and innovation 
  • High return on investments and financial rewards 

Best places to invest in real estate business in Dubai

Jumeirah Bay Island 

  • A man-made island in Jumeirah 
  • Developed by Meara’s Development LLC
  • Comprises private luxury villas, hotels, Bulgari marina, yacht club, etc. 

Pearl Jumeirah

  • Among the best residential islands in Dubai 
  • Offers innumerable amenities and luxuries
  • Includes luxury hotels, beach clubs, and also a town center which is said to be the largest 

City Walk Dubai

  • Provides the best commercial opportunities 
  • Opens pathways for new investors with flourishing facilities and commercial projects 

Blue Waters Dubai

  • An island located just near the Marina 
  • The poshest residential area in Dubai 
  • Expensive and luxe interior and exterior designs
  • Possess glass-fronted apartments, penthouses, villas as well as townhouses 

Emirates Hills

  • A gated community 
  • Situated near Dubai golf club
  • Offers 3 and 4-bedroom villas with all the facilities and features 
  • A welcoming place for real estate investors

Summing Up

Dubai is indeed one of the most appealing places to invest in real estate because of its mind-boggling statistics and lavish lifestyle. Besides, its remarkable economic growth distinguishes it from other developing cities in the world. It is one of the best destinations in the world for a variety of reasons. Hence, one must invest in a real estate business in Dubai no matter if it is commercial property or residential property. 

There are plenty of real estate properties in Dubai that can help you get good returns on your investment and consequently succeed in the market. However, it is equally important to be aware of any kind of scam or fraud that could be present in the real estate business. Hence, to get a better understanding of this field, get in touch with the experts of Shuraa Business Setup. Shuraa has been able to gain public trust over the last two decades with its modern business solution and unbiased services. Our team will assist you with the purchase and sale of properties in Dubai, further offering excellent investment opportunities in residential and commercial projects. 

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