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12 Must-Have Skills For A Good Kids Tutor

Indeed, it is rightly said that teaching the kids to count is good, but teaching them what counts is great. An ideal kids tutor should have certain qualities to deal with young and innovative minds skillfully.

No doubt, there are instances where teachers fail to teach despite having relevant qualifications. This happens because tutors lack basic skills that are not taught in universities but one has to learn itself. This article will act as a mini-encyclopedia to help tutors develop the required capabilities to become a good kids tutor.

Table of content

  • 12 key skills to have in a good kids tutor
  • Full of knowledge
  • Listen Patiently
  • Quick to give solution
  • Positive Approach
  • Effective communication
  • Easy to approach
  • Show empathy
  • Ability to lead
  • Ensure privacy
  • Manage the time
  • The creative approach to teaching
  • Well organized
  • Conclusion

12 key skills to have in a good kids tutor

Full of knowledge

Of course! Every tutor holds the knowledge of the subject or topic that is being taught to students. But, the tutor should keep themselves updated with every detail of their subject to answer the queries easily. Positively, every student admires the teacher who provides additional information and creates student interest in the respective topic.

For example: if you are a physics tutor, then follow every update on the internet to share it with the tutees. It is always great to share the new discoveries and changes in the concepts of physics to fascinate students.

Listen Patiently

Indeed, young kids have a lot of questions for every topic. Usually, children put many queries because they have heard of the topic for the first time or it may seem interesting. Therefore, a tutor needs to listen patiently and answer their question. Additionally, a child opens up quickly and does not hesitate to ask for help if the tutor is calm and patient to hear the issue.

Quick to give solution

Identifying problems and providing solutions is a necessary skill to be a good kids tutor. Many times, children do not ask for help when there is any issue in learning new concepts. So it is a duty of a tutor to keep a check on the students and know if they are facing trouble in understanding the lessons. Moreover, it is advisable to assess students in short intervals to know their level and provide help to match with other students.

Positive Approach

Moving further, the positive approach of a tutor reflects in the students as well. A good kids tutor needs to appreciate the students and encourage them to do more good in studies and activities. It is in the hands of a teacher to carve the students as desired. If kids will feel motivated and encouraged, they will try harder to excel in studies to receive appreciation.

Effective communication

Well, communication matters a lot when the teacher is teaching orally. A good kids tutor uses easy phrases and terms to explain the concepts. This way, both slow and fast learners can easel; y understand the respective concepts. However, it is not about using heavy vocabulary but the main aim is to teach that is easy to understand.

Easy to approach

Despite the warm and loving nature of the tutor, many kids hesitate to share their issue. In order to become a good kids tutor, make yourself approachable so that you can listen to every concern. Never say no to students or educate them about the right time to ask any doubt. Otherwise, they will find it difficult to approach you next time.

Show empathy

It is a psychological fact, whenever the listener gives the opposite reaction to the situation, it gives frustration to the speaker. A good kids tutor always makes sure to listen to issues and react accordingly.

Take an example. A student shares the disability of not learning concepts as quickly as others. The  teacher should appreciate and show empathy along with assurance to help the kid with solutions.

Ability to lead

Definitely, a kids tutor should have the ability to lead as he has many students to teach at same time. It requires a great leadership quality to keep every student on the same page and not discriminate with slow learners.

Ensure privacy

It is a quality of a good kids tutor to maintain privacy and not disclose information with others.The teachers encounter many students in their career. There can be a student who is perfect in every aspect and one who is a slow learner. Usually a child with a learning issue is mocked by the peer group if  a teacher scolds them for not doing well. So, it is important to work on the child with extra classes or separate assessments to avoid discouragement.

Manage the time

Time management is very important while teaching kids and to avoid boring classes. A kids tutor should plan and assemble the topics as per their content volume. One should try to balance the theory with practical to avoid losing interest of students from the topic. Do not burden the student with the load of the subject at once, instead divide them in parts to keep the interest intrigued.

The creative approach to teaching

Well, it is one of the skills on which many tutors work and have excelled in order to become a good kids tutor. A teacher should use a creative approach to make the lesson interesting. Usually children don’t like to study, so it is important to change the technique of teaching. There are many ways to make them learn such as using images, videos and through games.

Well organized

To be well organized reflects the dedication and passion for teaching. A kids tutor should be organized in every task and guide students what is the next task. Keeping students in loop and informing them about the structure of teaching will help them to relate with the subject.


To conclude, a good kids tutor should never just rely on their educational qualification to teach students. It requires a lot more effort and skills to deal with kids in real life. Additionally, the skills will help you remain the favorite teacher and continue teaching for a longer period. It is crucial to adapt to the situation and type of student they are teaching.

Hopefully, this article has highlighted essential skills that should be present in a kids tutor.

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