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15 Best Guard Dogs That Also Make Wonderful Family Pets

15 Best Guard Dogs That Also Make Wonderful Family Pets

Finding good reasons to keep the guard dogs is definitely going to be an important point and if you really want to have personal protection along with keeping your property safe, you can definitely go ahead with guard dogs as they will be very much useful for your homes.

They have a bad reputation of being dangerous or vicious but in fact in reality, if you go through some of the traits of certain breeds, you can find their benefits and their loyalty towards the particular home. They’ve got intelligence and once you train them in a better way, you can find that they will be able to respond to certain situations in a very positive manner.

According to American Kennel Club, it is very clear that dogs are most of the time brave as well as devoted and whenever there is the right time, they are always ready to fight off an intruder.

Proper training needs to be given to them and they’ll be doing their job in a proper manner but along with that, you need to understand that guard dogs are also going to be amazing pets. You can think of going ahead to buy a trained protection dog in Los Angeles.

Let us know the top 15 guard dogs who will be wonderful family cats

1. Akita



Akitas normally have a large build and that you can easily know by looking at the size of the head and they’re just going to be a powerful animal. It is just about socializing well with the Akita and they will be friends early on in life. They will be able to know about the payment and they can also easily identify about an intruder.

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2. Appenzeller Sennenhund


Appenzeller Sennenhund

These dogs are definitely going to be great guard because they have got agility and energy in their nature. Originally these dogs were built to work as farm dogs but they’ve got intelligence and obedience to a certain extent that they can easily double duty but you just need to have some space for them and you can just train them in a better way and they’ll be on their way to perform their job. These dogs are normally smaller than some of the large dogs about which we’ll be mentioning in this particular blog. These dogs have also been considered to be fully trained protection dogs for sale.

3. Australian shepherd


Australian Shepherd

This particular dog is definitely both beautiful and brave and these dogs are natural herders and they just look for any opportunity just to get other dogs in line. As far as a whole family is concerned, these dogs are just going to be energetic and agile as they have a way to fascinate a particular family. An Australian shepherd is known for i’s bravery whenever required.  If you want, you can definitely buy a trained protection dog in Los Angeles.

4. Bull mastiff



These dogs are definitely large and muscular dogs and they are a cross between Bulldogs and mastiffs as far as super size package is concerned. If you really want to avoid altercations with other animals or people, these dogs are just going to be the most suitable one for any kind of house, especially the one which is with fenced yards. As far as bull mastiffs are concerned, they’re just going to be a great working companion but it is also important for you to be careful to leave them at home whenever you go outside for running or jogging. Because these dogs are just not going to be built for sustained speed. You need to look after these drops in a very good manner as they’re just going to be very nice in terms of benefits for you in the future.

5. Catahoula leopard dog


Catahoula Leopard Dog

If you are doubtful about how you can handle that kind of characteristic puppy energy, these dogs also have ways of acting like adults once they turn 10 months old. This means that they can easily understand your things and you can also cooperate with them in a good manner. Your interaction with such dogs will be very nice and you will have a unique experience with such dogs. These dogs make themselves completely different than others as far as maturity level is concerned.

6. Caucasian shepherd dog


Caucasian shepherd dog

These kind of dogs know very well how to respond if there is a threat to the family members where they are living so it is important not to underestimate their disarming fluffiness. As far as the Caucasian shepherd dogs are concerned, they’re just going to be a great option if you really want to have kids and animals because they also have careful and loving nature when people are around them. They know all the members of the family and trust them completely.

7. Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

These dogs have a powerful waterproof, wavy coats which makes these dogs completely different from other retrievers. They’ve got royal energetic threats and that’s why they make themselves as golden retrievers. They’re quite polite with strangers but at the same time, they are also cautious and they are not overly affectionate with strangers. Because of all these traits, these jobs are excellent to watch out for.

8. Doberman Pinscher


Doberman Pinscher

These dogs are definitely a strong, fearless and they’re the perfect dog to guard your house in a better way. They’ve got energetic deed and they can make themselves ready to go on long walks if you really want to make them go for a walk.

9. Estrela Mountain Dogs

Estrela Mountain Dogs

These dogs are definitely going to be one of the oldest breeds in Portugal and these dogs have been named after a range of mountains in the area. These dogs are definitely going to be protective and super gentle for the people they have domesticated and when it comes to a tight-knit family, these drugs are just going to be suitable for them.

10. German shepherd


German shepherd

When it comes to special dogs, German shepherds are definitely going to be one of the most common breeds and there are also very popular aspects. They can very well protect your house from intruders and they will remain loyal which is just going to form a strong bond with you and your family. If you can really train a particular pop, you can definitely go ahead with a German shepherd because German shepherd is just going to be useful in all conditions.  These dogs have been considered to be fully trained protection dogs for sale.

11. Giant Schnauzer


They are a larger and stronger version of their standard counterparts and they are always ready to spend at disarmament of time to get groomed. We also have a thick coat of hair and for that in, you need regular brushing for them. They have beards like shave and for that, you will have to groom them in a proper way.

12. Puli

If you want to buy well buy a trained protection dog in Los Angeles, you can definitely go ahead with these dogs because they’re going to be a grateful guard in warehouse in a better way.  They also have goofy appearance which makes them hype anywhere. These jobs are just going to be great as far as protecting a particular house is concerned. These dogs are going to follow the instructions of their master in a proper way. And they have a learning curve to do anything better with the passage of time. They’re able to learn anything very quickly once they start following. That thing as soon as that becomes a part of their routine.

13. Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog

As far as these dogs are concerned, these types of dogs are able to bond with owners very well. If you want to live such dogs around for a long time. They don’t do well in terms of their activities.

These dogs also have got loving and kind nature and they’re just going to the closest bird.  If you want to buy a trained protection dog in Los Angeles.  You can definitely go ahead with such dogs and they’ll be great for your homes.

14. Rottweiler

These dogs are very much gentle in nature and when they go ahead with their owners outside the homes. They show a very gentle nature with the owners. And they follow all the instructions of the owners.  If you are looking for fully trained protection dogs for sale, you can definitely go ahead. With it such dogs as they are going to be very much helpful. Strangers can become fearful of the standoffish of such dogs. And it is important for us to just to socialize with such that to become better. These dogs the identity in a better way when they socialize with them. And they also find anything threatening and they try to neutralize that thing.

15. Stafford shire Bull Terrier

Having a powerful guard dog is important for everyone. But it is unfortunate that doesn’t have the largest space to keep a dog of a large breed. Stafford shire dogs go through finding strangers and they are very much natural fighters. Along with being brave and muscular and whenever there’s a requirement. They don’t leave their masters alone.

Stafford shire also use their energy in terms of running or walking. And if there is plenty of playtime for them. They do that also and playtime includes tip-top shape etc.

It is important for everyone to understand the type of dog that they need to take and Stafford shire. It is also a great dog and you can take it for your safety measures.


There are different types of dogs which are available in different parts of the world. But it is important to choose a breed. Which will be able to be comfortable and sociable in a particular home. Many dogs become very dangerous and they can be useful for people and children as well.

It is important to avoid such dogs and go through a dog which can be useful according to the requirement. You need to select a dog which can be very much according to your requirement. And if you feel that there is a dog which is great in look. And you want to take that, you have to contact the owner of the dog.

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