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4 Major Sources a Professional SEO Services Provider Use to Collect Information about Customers Accurately

It is essential to understand the behavioral aspects of the target audience to excel in content marketing. This enables a professional SEO services provider to tailor content for the right people.

A consumer persona is a fictional person who represents the overall customer base of an organization. To build this persona, marketers take the help of customers’ information. According to Marketing Insider Group, 93% of the organizations that generate high lead uses consumer persona in their marketing.

Sources of Information about Customers

Here are the four most effective sources that can provide all the necessary information about customers.

  1. Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the best and most reliable source to know about website audiences. Here are the types of information about visitors that this tool generates –

  • Browsing Behavior: One may know about new vs returning visitors and the frequency of their visits to that website from this tool.
  • Demographics: It also reports the age range and gender-specific reports of the website audience.
  • Geographical Information: This gives a location-wise report about consumers. One may easily understand from which location most of the people are coming.
  • Language: This analytics informs the website version of which language is the most popular.
  • Devices: With Google Analytics, it becomes easy to recognize which types of devices the consumers use to engage with a website.

A professional SEO services provider collects all this information to build an accurate consumer persona. This also helps them make the most engaging content marketing strategies.

For example, if website traffic is from a particular age group, they create content to improve the overall experience of those users.

  1. Reviewing Social Media Analytics

Social media presence enhances engagement with prospective customers. It can also be an effective source to collect information about them.

Digital marketers conduct surveys and post questionnaires on their social media channels. These let them know the sentiments and satisfaction level of potential customers.

In this way, they can make better content strategies to meet the expectations of those prospective customers.

  1. Contacting Third-Party

Sometimes, the information mentioned above becomes insufficient for making content strategies. In this situation, a professional SEO services provider contacts a third party that outsources their market research reports.

These third-party researchers keep a close eye on the market trends and customers‘ changing habits.

Thus, SEO professionals draw insights about potential customers based on their reports. They also infer the needs of those customers and develop topics for content accordingly.

  1. Assessing Customers of Competitors

Analyzing competitors’ customers can also be a significant way to get information about potential customers. The main reason is that competitors also sell the same product or have the same service.

Therefore, providers of professional SEO India examines which customer segments the competitors target in their content for increasing sales. In this way, they get a general overview of the probable consumers effortlessly.

In this way, it becomes easy to collect all the necessary information about prospective customers of their clients. Further, all these help them make the most accurate consumer persona. Thus, a professional SEO services provider comes up with the most effective strategies for content marketing.

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