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4 Tips To Enhance Your SEO Audits

Generally, when a marketing team or SEO company conducts an audit, they follow an SEO audit checklist to ensure everything stays in the lane. To discuss this better, here’s a guide stating 4 tips to enhance your SEO audits. Let’s begin with today’s discussion.

  • Conduct A Backlink Audit

A backlink audit checks the links that point to your site. In general, you test them for their trustworthiness and authority. In case sites linking to you are unidentified or disrespected by search engine algorithms, your site will be less respected too.

For this, make sure pages pointing to you rank well besides having a good domain authority. If backlinks from outdated sites exist, or if they have zero relation to your content, they are bringing your website down. To sum up, the ideal backlinks conducted by helping digital are phenomenal. They hold the same or similar anchor tags as yours on their pages.

  • Understand Your Organic Search Traffic

Let’s begin with organic search traffic. It is traffic that moves through without the need/use of paid ads. To be more precise, these are users who visit via search engines. Organic traffic tends to have a better estimate of conversations. This is because they are encouraged theoretically to feed your content. There is a range of web design tools that can be used to check your organic traffic. This is essential to get an idea of how well your SEO efforts are working.

Once you own this information, stay rest assured to filter out those who arrived through certain search terms. This will assist you to get hold of keywords that are working and keywords that are not. The organic traffic arriving at your site without googling your name is generally new to your business. Simply put, you can carry on with your marketing efforts with helping digital strategy.

  • Identify And Fix Broken Links

When it comes to SEO, user experience is highly crucial. If anything on your website doesn’t have an easy or enhancing experience, it will take seconds for users to never visit your site again. Broken links can be highly frustrating for web users thus making your web design look unprofessional and dull.

Any link leading to an error, like 404, is referred to as a broken link. Ensure checking each(internal and external) link on your website. With this, you can rest assured that the links are leading to accurate content.

  • Seek Opportunities and Content Gaps

Conducting an SEO audit is generally about finding opportunities and gaps. After finishing your audit, you can spot the weaknesses in your SEO strategy. It can probably be those keywords that you don’t use but still exist on your page. These often lead to lags.

The best thing that you can do here is to connect with an SEO company in Gurgaon. They fix every gap and issue to find better results. Each issue and gap creates an opportunity to improve. All you need to do is to run an SEO audit and analyze the results appropriately. This will help your website function perfectly.


In the digital marketing world, things change within seconds. Hence, make sure you keep up with your SEO strategy to stay ahead of your competitors. Checking in your SEO audit is the ideal way to analyze how your website will rank on page one.

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