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5 Web Design Elements to Incorporate in a Business Website

For any business, its website is one of the most critical assets to win customers, promote brand image, and increase sales. And in this age of digitalization, what segregates a mediocre web portal from a fabulous one? Here are the top six elements that web designers in Saskatoon focus upon to build bespoke online platforms for their clients:

Ease of Navigation

The web platform must have the ability to help people browse through the content seamlessly. Professionals for web development in Canada also ensure that all menu items for the website can be easily accessed, irrespective of the page visitors are on at any point of time. Users should always have a precise idea on where they stand on the website. So they should be able to seamlessly reach the section they need.

To make navigation simpler, it is good to include a site map or menu with sub segments. While this sounds rudimentary, many business websites have scope for improvement in this domain. Companies must understand that there is a difference between a communicative menu and one that actually annoys the audience. The functionality of the portal deserves attention.

Aesthetics in Design

Websites that are rich in aesthetics attracts people. While working on custom web design in Saskatoon, designers have to ensure that they utilize graphics effectively to add to the appeal of the portal.

Experienced designers also know that a business website has no more than one-tenth of a second to impress its visitors and get potential customers. It must also have qualities that exude trust and professionalism.

At the same time, it is essential to avoid going too far with aesthetics in website. If there is excess of animation, moving text and flashy introduction, a visitor might find them intrusive and get off the page.

Richness in Content                               

We know that content is the mainstay of any website. It not only plays a crucial role in search engine rankings but is the very reason for which visitors land upon a website. The content must be informative, engaging, easy to understand, relevant and concise.

For a B2B website that publishes long-form content comprising whitepapers, case studies, thought leadership articles and blogs, it is important to keep a dedicated ‘Resources’ section for such content. However, the web copy that most people browse through as soon as they reach a page must be crisp and succinct.

Interactive Nature

According to Saskatoon web designers an impactful website design captures the attention of potential customers for a business and continues to hold their focus on all pages. It has a strong call to action element, encouraging the visitors to contact the business or (if it is an e-commerce store), to buy something directly from it.

It may be B2C or B2B, conversion is the ultimate objective of any website. Again, however, the thin line between “trying to interact” and “getting annoying” should not be overlooked. Website should be interactive enough to bring customers on-board and not to stalk them.


Professionals who design business websites can judge what its visitor is planning to do and cater directly to their requirements. They organize websites in a way to make content and design more intuitive for the user.

If a potential buyer is looking for some products or services on Google or a directory where websites are listed, a business must ensure that its website has an effective landing page with precise information related to the search. The visitor must not have to go through loads of details to arrive at what they needed.

What are your thoughts on other elements to integrate in a website?

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