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6 Best Harleys for Life on the Road

So, you have finally decided to cross off riding to a destination off your bucket list. Harley Davidson motorcycles are your trusted companions always willing to accompany you on your long rides on the road.

You want a motorcycle that you can depend on your tour. That is why Harley Davidson motorcycles are the right decision with having created touring bikes since the late 1940s. Keeping up to date with every innovation in the biking community, a Harley never disappoints. Having motorcycles for every type of ride, Harley Davidson is leading the competition with its extensive range of motorcycles, which you can use on your tour.

Worry not if you cannot afford a special motorcycle because you can always lease a Harley! Look for a motorbike lease company near you and ask them about a Harley Davidson financial lease. You can find many Harley Davidson lease specials across the US and none of them disappoint.

If you are a beginner or if you are new to the world of Harley Davidson, you will be confused by the long list of names giving you absolutely nothing about the motorcycles. Deluxe, Ultra, Glide, King are some of the names of Harleys. These names do not give much information about the motorcycle or if they are compatible for your long ride.

Here are 6 Harley Davidson motorcycles we think are the best for your next tour:

1. Harley Davidson Road King

Also known as the “light tourer”, Road King is not just comfortable but is also stylish. Powered by a 1745 cc engine and generates a torque of 150 Nm at 3250 rpm. Lockable panniers, cruise control, widescreens, crash protection and auxiliary riding lights are some of the features which make it the first choice for long rides

The slightly narrow seat allows your legs to spread as much as they want, yet be comfortable. The 107 cubic inch is not just designed for handling brute strength, but can also easily carry your weight and your luggage. Another unique feature that makes the Road King special is its flexibility. It can easily be changed by removing the pannier and windscreen in under 60 seconds.

The engine is powerful, yet it gives you a quiet and smooth ride and does not turn hot as quickly. The mechanical noise is also not present allowing you to enjoy your surroundings without the noise playing in the background. Finer internal tolerance and light components have also aided to this.

The ignition is designed in a way that makes the engine heat cooler. Moreover, the thermal comfort also makes sure that the engine heat is not affecting you directly. The Showa dual bending valve forks allow the motorcycle to be thrown a lot more. This is due to the taut chassis and clearance. The light front end also makes it the best motorcycle for long rides.

The emulsion technology rear shock absorbers help you enjoy the ride a link more. The floorboards are also created by keeping long-legged riders. You can keep track of the fuel through the analogue fuel gauge while the LCD screen shows you your route and provides you with entertainment.

2. Harley Davidson Street Glide Special

When you ride a Harley Davidson Street, your appearance, persona and your personality on the bike scream authority. Coming with the Milwaukee Eight 114 powerplant along with the ventilator and to top that, the 118 ft of torque. Speed it up to 3259 rpm and the motorcycle lives up to its promises.

The extended bags and the low-profile engine enhance the profiling of the motorcycle. The seat height is 27.2 inches due to the suspension being 2 inches in the rear. With the H-D taking up most of the rear suspension. This makes the travel feel much longer and there are aftermarket shocks available as well.

The height of the seat makes sure that you are riding low enough to retain a good amount of cornering clearance. Grips are high and the floorboards are ideal for riders who want good legroom. The Harley Davidson weighs 827 pounds and to top that off it possesses a 6-gallon fuel tank when it is filled. However, these specification does not stop it from cutting aggressively without extra effort from the rider.

The motorcycle is also described as a standard-bearer of urban cruising control. It holds up to 70 liters giving you all that you need for a nice 2-day trip. The side backs have a one-touch leaver which is amazing to use and is functional as well. Its shape allows you to bring a laptop as well.

The Harley Davidson street glide special is a great choice for long rides. It has great stability, the height of the fairing is perfect and it is stylish as well.

3. Harley Davidson Electra Glide

Known for rider and pillion comfort this is one of the most popular model that Harley Davidson has to offer. The large windscreen and “bat wing” fairing protects you from the wind and the weather. It also provides back and arm support making the seating comfortable for the rider and the passenger both.

The Electra Glide is the best choice for your long ride because it is so smooth that many have dozed off while riding the motorcycle. Additionally, the amazing luggage capacity and locking side backs help you throughout your tour. However, this motorcycle is for experienced rides because it can be a little heavy at low speeds. Other than that, the motorcycle is well balanced and rideable.

4. Harley Davidson Road Glide

With a frame-mounted fairing, which protects the rider’s arm from air resistance, the Road Glide ensures that there is a less chance of rider fatigue and more control. It also has a unique look. The Road Glide looks more like a drag racing bike and not like a traditional Harley Davidson.

The passenger comfort is described as excellent. It has passenger footpads and it is ideal for you if you are wanting to go for a different and unique look. The road glide is perfect for your long ride because it eats up miles, has amazing handling and is super comfortable.

5. Harley Davidson Heritage Classic

A lot of riders who are frequently testify that they use the Heritage Classic and describe the bike as comfortable for the long haul. It is lightweight which automatically means that it gives better mileage and acceleration. The Heritage Classic is a smooth feeling bike and is often opted for by tall bikers.

With a retro look from the ’70s, it is famous for the accessories that it comes with. With a great luggage space, it has hard side backs which can be looked at, are spacious and are water-resistant. The best part? It opens with one touch!

Not only does the Heritage Classic have comfortable seating but it has backrests for both the rider and the passenger. It also has apes stops the rider from tiring and keeps the rider’s back from slouching. The Street Cannon Mufflers add to your biker image by making spectators hear you from faraway.

The Harley Davidson Heritage Classic is truly a classic. It checks all the boxes required for an ideal touring motorcycle.

6. Harley Davidson CVO Road Glide Limited

CVO models are the best of the lot and is described as the best that Harley Davidson has ever made. With a Milwaukee Eight V twin, it goes up to 126ft of torque. This motorbike is all about going mile after mile while being comfortable and stylish.

The 6.0-gallon tank is ideal for long drives. Equipped with Harley Davidson’s Reflex Defensive Rider system which includes link braking, lean-sensitive traction control, tire pressure monitoring and an engine braking management system that reduces accidents from happening.

The Road Glide is made for long rides and highways. Moreover, the cockpit has everything that you may need for a long ride. A plush, supportive leather-bound seat which is 27.3 inches is comfortable. Mini ape handlebars give enough leverage to the rider while keeping them in a neutral position.

Floorboards are large and big which allows movement on highways. The triple split stream frame-mounted fairing and a tall touring windscreen give you wind protection. The TFT touchscreen has all the features that you may need like phone connectivity, navigation and vehicle data. You also get to hear clear explicit audio riding on the freeway. Riders describe the radio signal as impressive.

A chunky gearbox makes positive shifts due to the motorcycle’s size. Its low centre of gravity and gentle handling perform very nicely and the 49mm Showa Dial Bending Valve fork stops you from feeling road bumps along the way.


Deciding on a motorcycle can also be hard for experienced riders. If you are looking for a motorcycle which would help you break your mile records, you want a motorbike which is comfortable and can go a long distance. Luckily for you, Harley Davidson motorcycles last longer than 25,000 miles. They are comfortable and can even outlast you if you maintain them properly.

There you have it! 6 motorcycles that you can choose from before you start your ride upstate. With comfortable seating, enough storage, stylish designs and engines that are powerful, you are set for your life on the road!

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