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6 Essential Items to Carry on a Road Trip for Elderly

You may have your grandmother giving you a smile every time you leave to hang out with your friends. No wonder you may be feeling terrible somehow. The truth is even if the elderly ones at your home may not be travelling frequently, it does not mean that they don’t want to. 

More probably, travelling is often at the top of the bucket list for retirees and they do not want to miss the chance to see what the world has to offer. However, all they might need is a bit of your support and if you are planning to take them on a trip, then you are at the right place.  Here are some considerations for their safety and comfort that you must arrange for the senior folks to make the trip convenient

  • Medical Kit 

One of the first obvious items to carry with you when going on a road trip that includes a senior citizen is a medical kit. You should keep all the medicines that the elderly might need or take on a regular basis as prescribed by the doctor. 

Other than that, you should keep all the essential first aid supplies in the box like bandages, crepe, antacids, ORS and more. Keeping these in the box can result to be fruitful for minor medical emergencies. Remember that unwanted situations arrive without any alert so it is always preferable to  

 to be safe than sorry.

  • Wheelchair Bag

When going on a trip with an elderly person, the next thing that must be carried is a wheelchair bag. There are so many things that one would want to store in the bags or pockets like pens, wallets, umbrellas, and more. Not to mention, these essentials may be needed close at hand and should be easily accessible. 

For wheelchair users, this may not be simple as a regular bag may constantly slip off the knee scraping the wheels. This is when a wheelchair bag can be helpful in supporting independence and safety. These bags can be easily clipped onto the backrest of the wheelchair and can be used to store essentials easily. 

  • Mobility Cushion

Road trips are always lengthy and full of hassle. Elderly people may find it great at first but soon might start developing health problems from being seated for too long. This is why you must carry mobility cushions with you for added convenience. 

This would add extra comfort to their travel and maintain a position without sliding. Besides using the mobility cushions just in the car seats or regular chairs, you can add them to the wheelchair as well for a great experience.

  • Food and Water 

It is very important that you do not rely on the stores you might pass while travelling to your destination for food and drink. Make sure that you fill-up the water bottles in your car to the brim. After that, you need to monitor how much water is still in your car. 

Do not carry a complete lunch or dinner meal when it comes to snacks. It definitely helps to have a few snacks to keep you going till you find a good restaurant on your way. Also do not forget to carry items like plates, glasses and others that would help you to have the meals perfectly. 

  • Extra Clothes and Travel Socks 

An elderly person is no less than a child who needs equal care. When going on a road trip, it is highly recommended to carry some extra pairs of their clothes just in case. You must also carry essentials like cover-ups, gloves, mufflers, scarf and others if your trip has been planned during winters. 

Other than that, you must keep in mind to carry accessories like travel socks that can prevent aching and swelling of your feet while travelling. Maintaining these items ready in the car trunk will not only save you from hassle but also save your money as you will not have to buy something over again just because you left it back at home.

  • Hygiene Accessories 

The nature call could come at any time. Your elderly family member may have little choice but to respond when it calls at the most inconvenient times. Highway rest stops are typically abundant along the route. There is no assurance, however, as to how hygienic and well-equipped these facilities genuinely are. 

Owning your own soap and cleaning wipes would be a significant benefit. If your elderly is a woman, then you can simply get a travel hygiene kit that comes with pee buddy funnels, general use disposal bags, multi-use wet wipes, intimate wipes, mosquito repellent patches and more. 

Another essential item that you must carry is hand sanitizers and face masks for everyone who is travelling. Additionally, do not forget to carry tissue paper, towels and handkerchiefs as well.

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