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6 Small Home Decor Items Perfect for Maximalist Decoration

If you like the fusion color and carefree expression in maximalist home decor but feel overwhelmed by the chaos. you can experiment with small home decor items, to see if you are really into it or not.

From decorative shells to miniature figurines, and minuscule eccentric accents, the markets are filled with home decor in every size so, you can go as small as you like while shopping. These small home decor products are perfect for decorating small spaces and shelves. So, instead of covering your surface with just one piece, you can include a collection of multiple pretty accents.

Home Decor
Home decor

Here in this blog, we have listed some ways in which you can decorate your space with small home decor items.

1. Photo Clips on String Lights 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could just cover your wall with your favorite memories while maintaining a beautiful home decor aesthetic? Well, you can will this forever trending hack. This classy and timeless setup never goes out of style. From Tumblr to Pinterest, people are still as obsessed with Polaroid pictures. So, instead of investing in single photo frames online, display your Polaroid Pictures on string lights using small clips and create a magical display in your home.

2. Small Succulents 

If you love plants but are working with a small space, you can consider investing in small succulents. Houseplants are available in different shapes and sizes, making them a beautiful small home decor item. Plus the best part about these natural beauties is that they get accustomed to their area and usually grow based on the available pot size, so you can use a small pot to maintain the size of your succulents. From your shelves, desks to window sides, you can display a pair or a collection of these small pieces to create a beautiful display.

3. Get Creative with Vase Filler

Miniature decor comes in beautiful shapes and designs so make the most of these art pieces and express your personal style by using miniature accents as vase fillers. It can be small cartoon figures, quirky-shaped objects, or board game chips and dice.

4. Decorative Candles 

As the craze for scented candles increases in the market, brands are also getting creative about the shapes of their collections and are launching candles in meticulous shapes of flowers, animals, Greek gods, etc. And these intricate details on these pieces make them look like small accents on your candle stands, which you can use as decoration on your coffee tables, or bookshelves.

5. Mini-Platters

Instead of presenting your small servings in platters bigger than food, buy trays online and create a beautiful display for your food without making it awkward because of all the extra space. Explore mini bowls and trays for serving small bites, like desserts and savory snacks in just the right size to create a beautiful tablescape. Currently, nature Inspired leaf trays are very popular so make sure to explore those while shopping for home decor online.

Home decor


7. Miniature Figurines

Instead of covering the whole surface with just one accent, create a collection with your miniature figurines to curate a visually exquisite display on your tables and shelves. Available in eclectic designs, these tabletop accessories are perfect for adding a subtle artfulness to your space.

Let us know if you like the maximalist home decoration style, or small home decor accessories in the comments below, or shop a beautiful collection of accents, sculptures, and kitchenware on casa décor online store.

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