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8 Things to Do on Yas Island to Make Vacations Memorable

Yas Island has become one of the most attractive destinations in UAE. After the relaxations in lockdowns, people are heading towards the water parks, swimming pools and beaches. What if you get all these things in one ticket? This is where Yas Waterworld Coupon Code works. The always highlights entertainment and enjoyment facilities with amazing discounts. This time it recommends the name of Yas Waterworld which is a fantastic place in the Yas Island. Here are some exciting activities to do with family and friends to make your time memorable.

Luxury Cruising:

This is floating luxury. The safari boats are present to serve to the visitors. These boats are being so popular nowadays. Couples love to book the safari boats in order to enjoy the romantic scene of sunset in the Arabian Sea.  On the other hand, dining under the stars is another exciting opportunity for the couples and families riding a boat.


No doubt, Yas Island is not an ideal spot for fishing but it attracts the couples who want to try their luck. While you like to see the beautiful scene of sunset from the boat, you can try the fishing with partner. The resort manager can organize a fishing setup if you like.

Dining in Open:

The white sands of Yas Island attract the tourists. Mixed with amazing beauty of turquoise water, there is a special service of dining on beach. Whether you request for a lunch or dinner, it is good to have a Yas Waterworld Coupon Code. This code gives you access to affordable snacks, meals and drinks. Enjoy the cool white sand, beautiful sunset and tasty meals on the beach.


This is what brings you to the Yas Island. Swimming is the most common activity people love here.  Whether you swim in the sea water or swimming pool, it offers an unforgettable experience. We recommend visiting the waterworld in order to explore different swimming pools. These pools have water slides, swings and more. This is best place for the adults who want to do challenging jumps in water.


Don’t ignore the amazing sensation of cool wind. Yas Island is located in a cool region. Windsurfing is one of the best activities to do while you are on this island. Get ready for the real excitement and make sure that your partner is ready to enjoy the thrill.

Exploring the Natural Beauty:

It sounds cheap but it is very interesting. This island is rich in the matter of natural beauty. Focus on the turquoise water, white sand and cool wind. These factors make your stay more romantic and lovely. Couples and families with an aim to enjoy the peaceful environment should discover the amazing natural beauty here.

Private Yacht:

Well, there is no comparison of spending quality time with friends and partners on a luxury yacht. Hire a yacht to visit the middle of blue waters. This is a best facility to stay far from the crowd to make romance.

Park Tours:

The Yas Waterworld Coupon Code provides full access to different parks on this island. Visit all the parks and see the entertainment options. Bring your kids for unforgettable fun.  Remember, the kids under 12 receive free entry, meals and play options in these parks.

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