A Brief Bigtime vs Workzone Review

Located in Chicago, Bigtime was founded in 2002 and has come a long way since. At the moment, it is supporting almost 2,000 firms and has a growing user base. Bigtime targets the professional services industry and is especially helpful for architecture, consulting, engineering, and also government contracting. On the contrary, Workzone is award-winning software that has been in the industry for the past 20 years. Workzone prides itself in providing a 30,000-foot view where you can instantly track the progress of your projects.  

Both Bigtime and Workzone are competitive project management tools that can use to overcome a variety of concerns that are part and parcel of the online workspace. The following is a list of Bigtime vs Workzone features: 

 Bigtime Features List

There are several invaluable characteristics of Bigtime software which can improve the way that you engage with remote workspace.  


One of the ways through which Bigtime targets the conflicts regarding online work is by automating the process of managing projects. It envisions the automation process in seven easy steps. Once you have a project, you can start assigning tasks and allocate time and budget. You can then deliver projects based on the deadline, create an invoice for your services and eventually start to see business growth.  

Built-In Integrations 

The Bigtime software lets you handle your projects within the range of workflows that you are dealing with already. However, it replaces the need to switch applications by giving you a platform where you can access Salesforce, Excel, Lacerte, Zippier, Google, and many other tools which are needed to manage projects.  

Tracking Time  

In order to match the deadlines of your projects, you obviously need to track time as well. Bigtime lets you track your time and expenses easily with smart timesheets. Not only can they autofill repetitive data entry, but they can also auto-save and auto-complete the data too.  

You can provide more control to managers by giving them access through custom user rights. Furthermore, you can simply reduce errors by limiting the information that staffers can see and ensuring that sensitive information is safeguarded.  

And finally, you can set some requirements to complete before the sheets are submitted by the staff.  

Project Reports 

Tracking your project implies staying on top of reports and analytics related to it. With Bigtime software, you can easily collect related material and save the time which is usually spent on collecting and analyzing. 

In addition, you can further check a report of staff utilization, billable hours, and unpaid invoices. With a quick analysis, you can start managing the conflicts that need to resolve to keep up the project’s health.

Workzone Features List 

Workzone supports a wide range of technical solutions that can support your projects and help you achieve your goals.  


One important thing for managing projects and reaching your targets is to maintain consistency. Bigtime software is integrated with built-in workflows where you can easily manage project requests. Furthermore, you can control the approval process and, therefore, the overall progress of the project.  

An interesting feature through which you can maintain consistency on Workzone is templates. The library consists of multiple templates, so you can just prompt projects rather than build them from scratch.  

Document Management  

When you are handling projects, you are constantly dealing with documents. With Workzone, you can edit documents and images and mark them as well. You can further manage them by keeping a version history of all of the files and, in fact, see the feedback as well.  

Simplify the Process 

Workzone functions on the principles of adding important features rather than an inexhaustible list of features. It reduces the complexity which often accompanies the project management software.  

What you can do is focus on the features you want to see and eliminate the rest. This means that you can pay attention to the task at hand.  

Bigtime vs Workzone Pricing  

Bigtime has three monthly plans that are Express, Pro, and Premium. The express plan costs $10 per month and requires a minimum of five users to be on the plan. Its limited features include time-tracking, access permission, and personalized reports, among a few others. The pro plan is billed at $30 and has features such as expense tracking, client portals, revenue recognition, and financial reporting. For project management, the pro plan specifically includes Gantt charts and Slack. On the other hand, the premium plan costs around $40 with all the benefits of express and pro. Its additional services include multi-level approval workflow, salesforce integration, and resource allocation.  

Vital Differences

There are, obviously, some vital differences in the pricing plans of Bigtime vs Workzone, even though both of them offer three plans. Work zone’s first payment option is called Team and is billed at $24 every month. It inculcates features like Gantt charts, Kanban boards, task dependencies, image mark-up, and advanced reporting. The second plan is Professional, and it costs $34 per month. The added features of this plan consist of 150GB of storage space in comparison to 100GB. You can also produce custom project intake forms and will be provided with API access. 

The last plan provided by Workzone project management is Enterprise. Enterprise is priced at $43, and it has eight other benefits besides those provided by the Team and Professional plans. The list of Workzone tools in this category includes public access forms, SSOs (single sign-ins), custom fields, workspace groups, and critical paths.  

In conclusion, Bigtime vs Workzone is an essential design to cope with different management requirements. Most of the Bigtime reviews show that it has achieved its goal of providing a promised platform whereas Workzone has also been a satisfactory option for many. The only difference between the two is that they both provide a set of tools that is not necessarily found in the other. However, you can learn about the intricacies of those differences by taking a demo or online tour that will help you draw further comparisons.  

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