A Collector’s Guide to Modern Watch Storage

When it comes to high-end timepieces, storage is almost as crucial as each of those pricey and priceless pieces. You are aware of this as a watch collector. However, you know that modern watch preservation entails much more than simply protecting a personal and financial investment. Every clock tells a narrative, and the major significance of a watch box is that it gives those stories a title.

What to look for in modern watch storage

Your prized collection deserves it all: watch box designs that are functional and visually appealing. To be more specific, modern watch storage is all about keeping your pieces secure and organized while also serving as a showcase for your diamonds.

Modern design trends for watch boxes

Sleekness and simplicity: Modern watch boxes prefer clean, sleek lines in their design, according to the “less is more” principle. Some people have even removed latches to avoid unexpected interruptions. This daring look exudes elegance and serenity.

The use of color and texture as focal elements – Watch box designers give special attention to color and texture to stay current with product design trends. As a result, they become the ideal complement for decorating secret places.

Use of natural and eco-friendly materials: In recent years, we’ve observed an increase in raw materials in product design. Their long-term viability is also critical. Watch boxes are no exception to this burgeoning, well-liked trend. Wood and vegan leather are two examples of environmentally friendly materials.

Functionality at its best: In today’s world, a good design must meet the needs of its users. You can achieve that – and then some – with modern watch storage. You want a soft plush inside to preserve your timepieces from scratches, soft pillows to accommodate varied sizes and styles, and actual tempered glass to enjoy every single item in your collection at any time…

Interior design and modern watch storage

Interior design and watch storage can be combined to perfection. Interior design styles are always evolving nowadays. As a result, it is vital to get the best contemporary classic watch box that blends utility with timeless elegance.

Our objective at Case Elegance is to create best-in-class, cheap watch boxes, and more. We donate money to mitigate our environmental effect for every single product we sell, in addition to manufacturing high-quality products.

Forecasting fashion trends is difficult!

Shifting opinions, changing faces, and celebrity endorsements all have an impact on fashion direction.

This does not take into consideration probable political and economic upheavals. Tracking trends in watches, like other aspects of fashion, is a difficult undertaking.

Nonetheless, we extracted the following 2017 tendencies from industry experts:

There is a tendency toward niche watch brands.

According to Stuart Hennell, Founder & CEO of Watchfinder, there is a tendency toward boutique brands like Richard Mille. These labels provide avant-garde designs that “will surely impact other manufacturers this year.”

We may see fewer smartwatches in the future

Farer Watches CEO Paul Sweetenham says, “I anticipate to see some of the bigger, older companies look to the archives and present some braver dial designs.”

Also, fewer smartwatches — we understand the concept, but they’re an entirely different game (and consumer) than the conventional Swiss business.”

This year, sports and pilot watches will be popular.

These watches will be popular as lower case sizing continues, according to Simon Spiteri, Accessories Buyer at Mr. Porter. “We found that men prefer watches that can be worn from day to night, so we can anticipate that these models will appeal to a wide range of guys.”

Younger purchasers will be encouraged to purchase mechanical timepieces

Watches Journalist Alex Doak observes a trend to entice younger people to choose a mechanical watch over, for example, an Apple Watch. “Better value, greater honesty, and not being scared to hype the science bit’ of automatics.”

Case Elegance has you covered when it comes to storing your timepieces if you are a watch collector and enthusiast, regardless of trends. We have the ideal storage solution for your Rolex, Omega, Invicta, Titan, Bvlgari, Breguet, Chopard, Patek Phillipe, or any luxury timepiece.


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