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Apology Letter Format | Samples And Examples

An apology is a technique of expressing regret for a past action or behavior. An Apology Letter Format is a written statement admitting responsibility or making a mistake and apologizing to someone for past mistakes, wrongdoings, misunderstandings, and misbehavior.

Anyone can write an apology letter to anyone who wishes to show regret and apologize for any unpleasant incident or behavior. There are a variety of reasons for writing an apology letter or sending an email message, including misconduct or unacceptable behavior.

Tips to write a professional apology Letter or email message:

  1. Write for seeking forgiveness
  2. Without hesitation, accept his or her mistake.
  3. Make a point of highlighting or describing the scenario or condition.
  4. Provide possible alternatives for the incorrect action taken.

Apology Letter Format | Apology Letter To Boss

Many times, employees make a mistake or improperly behave with their boss; they have to write an apology letter to their boss for the behavior.

Apology Letter For Bad Behavior





Subject: Apology letter Email for Bad Behavior

Dear Sir,

I am ashamed to write to you to apologize for my bad behavior, with all due respect and humble humility. I never imagined a day in my life when you and other distinguished members of our great organization would witness me losing control. There were a number of variables that contributed to my rage. I’ve been dealing with some family issues, and the stress of that, along with the tension of the upcoming special meeting, made me feel extremely uneasy. I apologize profusely for my obnoxious behavior. I absolutely recognize that I am solely responsible for my poor reputation.

Although the mistake I made was unforgivable, I apologize to you and our entire staff. I hope this letter dispels the negative image you have of me in your head and allows me to reclaim a place in your heart.

Yours truly,


Apology Letter email to Customer or Client

Many people are hesitant to write a customer apology letter for fear of admitting wrongdoing and losing business, customer, or client. To learn how to write an apology letter to a customer or client, look over the sample template provided below.

apology letter or email message to client or Customer :

  1. Accept responsibility for your actions and express regret.
  2. What happened should be explained in great detail.
  3. Give a step-by-step approach for the next stage.
  4. Options for customer input should be provided.
  5. Follow up with the customer.

Personal Letter of Apology or email

Personal apologies are written when a person accepts responsibility for his or her actions and wishes to express his or her regret to someone dear to him or her, such as a mother, father, wife, brother, sister, friend, girlfriend, coworker, or anyone else who has importance in his or her life.

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We all feel upset by satisfying our own demands and life goals in this fast-paced world, and we also get hyper and disrespectful in our actions. As a result, we lose our cool and the proper perspective from time to time, and we become influenced.

Professional Apology Email | Official Email Sample Format


Receiver’s Official Email address

Subject:  Apology for the delay in submission of the Project Report

Greetings of the Day!

Dear Sir,

I am extremely sorry for not being able to meet the deadline for submitting the project report.

The entire Project Report was supposed to be finished by June 10, 2019, as promised, however, I failed to make that deadline. I am taking this very seriously and am working on the project at all hours of the day and night in order to complete and submit the Project Report by June 30, 2019.

In my apology email, I promise to make all efforts possible to make this initiative a success. I’m grateful for the chance to work on this project once more. I appreciate your patience and support once more.

With apologies

Thanks and Regards

Your Name & Designation

Company Name

Contact Details


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