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Avoid these 3 mistakes when writing a blog post in 2022

What is a Blog Post?

Blog posts are the articles that you read on the web. A blog is a website we update regularly. So, a blog website is where you see a new web article daily. To explain it better, imagine you have pain in your one foot while walking. You will probably go to the search engine and type How to cure pain in your foot and search for it. There you will see many links on the results page. You will click on those links and read the content to understand it. What you will read is web content or a blog post.

Blogging means writing such content for websites. However, they are not mere pieces of content people write and put their knowledge and information into. It has many factors involved that make content appear in results. There are several pages in search engine results containing articles for your query. People only click and read the content they find on the first few pages. That’s why it’s essential to write content that appears on the first page of a search engine.

This blog post will tell you three mistakes that make your content not appear on the top results. We will tell you how to write blog posts and rank them higher in search engines.

  1. Writing for People only

Well, it is what you need to do. But, since you are writing them on the internet, it has some rules. The internet is not human. That’s why search engines use algorithms to define the content criteria they need to rank above others.

So, you need to write for people as well as for search engines. But how do we write for search engines, and how would we know what it wants from us? It’s not that difficult to understand. You just need basic information on how search engines work. When a user types in a query, it shows results accordingly. It tells us that what users write and search is essential. We call their search queries keywords. When you write a blog post, you include keywords that users search. People will find your content in the top results if you do that.

However, this is not the one thing that determines a client’s place in search engine results. There are lots of different factors as well. Talking about the keywords first, you need to put keywords in your blog post to make search engines understand your content. You use the keyword in your main title, the first description paragraph, the middle of the content, and the end. However, if you use the same keyword multiple times by stuffing it, Google can also penalize your website for keyword stuffing. That’s why you only need to include it where it is necessary.

Some people who are new to blogging write content just like they write in their personal diaries and academic institutes. You need to write differently on the internet. You need to consider using headings, subheadings, bullet points, images, and the proper use of keywords.

  1. Writing Short Word Count

As discussed above, keywords and content format are essential for ranking your web articles higher in search engines. Another mistake people make when blogging is writing whatever length of content they like. Depending on the topic, they might write 250 words for one topic and 1200 words for another. It’s not bad, but 250 words don’t rank on search engines. And since you are writing for business, your goal is to let people see your link and read the content.

Therefore, you need to write long-form content without filler words and unnecessary things. That’s a big issue some new bloggers face: they have to write quality content as well as lengthy content. A good blog post length is a minimum of 900 words. The more the content, the easy it is to rank it on search engines. Search engines use crawlers that crawl and index content. They need length to determine if it’s worthy of getting ranked or not.

  1. Hard-to-read Content

Your content’s readability score should be easy. It is the score that tells how easy to read your content is. Search engine algorithms favor content that has good readability. Ask yourself, does the web content you read on the internet require your continuous use of a dictionary after every sentence? Unless you read technical articles having terminologies you are not aware of, probably not. You also need to use fewer long sentences in your articles. The idea is that a user reads your content and doesn’t get bored with it or finds it way too hard. That’s why they use of images, headings, and subheadings is important.

Moreover, content is the king. Readers won’t return to your website if you have everything good, but your content isn’t valuable. So, you need to consider all the things that make blog posts better. Also, include white space in your content that doesn’t make your content look like clutter.

Final Word

We have discussed three basic and easy things that can make your articles rank better on the internet if you take care of them. However, search engine optimization is a technical thing, and many other things are involved in it. Backlinks are also crucial for a good ranking in search engine results. You can write good content for your website, and after you complete writing, you can hire an SEO expert and ask him to rank your content higher. You can also hire a content writer from any good and affordable guest post writing service. He will write blog posts and link your blog posts and websites in their content. We call this guest blogging, and that’s how you get backlinks. It also helps in the better SEO of your website.

To summarise what we learned above,

  • Write for search engines and people both
  • Don’t write less than 800 or 900 words for your blog posts
  • Don’t write content that is difficult to read
  • Hire an SEO expert to optimize your content for search engines
  • Include white space in your content
  • Use guest blogging to improve your SEO

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