Benefits of LPG over Natural Gas

Natural gas is one of the favorite sources of energy. But in its usual piped form, you can’t use it in all the places. You can’t simply pipe natural gas into an automobile to power. The engine or take it with you while hiking in the mountains. Nor can you run a gas pipe into a boat in the middle of sailing in the ocean. And if you are living in rural areas, you might find it difficult to have natural gas at home. There is a simple way to enjoy the benefits of natural gas even when the supply is out of reach. You can convert it to LPG which is a super-pressurize gas. A more convenient option stored in liquid form in a canister, tank, or bottle. Let’s discuss how it works :

The whole idea of Liquefied Petroleum Gas is simple. It is a fossil fuel link to oil. Around 60 percent of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas we use is extract from the earth. It is obtain as a byproduct of drilling for oil and natural gas. The rest of LPG is manufacture indirectly from crude oil during refining. Bio LPG or renewable LPG is produce from waste or biomass.

The main benefit of LPG is its portability and convenience. It can be use in places where it is difficult to supply ordinary gas. Large LPG canisters are useful in emergencies and disasters where gas supplies and electricity supplies are difficult. Though LPG is a fossil fuel, it is much cleaner when compared to coal and oil. It produces less soot, sulfur, and nitrogen oxides. It also emits less carbon dioxide which causes global warming. Though the transportation of LPG by road is easy in large tanks but in populated areas piping natural gas underground is less dangerous. 

LPG suppliers have gone to great lengths to ensure safety. Therefore these days, we hear fewer accidents related to LPG. Another demerit is the cost, natural gas is much cheaper than LPG. In developing countries, not all people can afford LPG. People living in rural areas resort to other traditional fuels like coal, wood, etc because of the high price of LPG. It is much costlier than natural gas. Having said that, several measures have been taken to reduce the price of LPG so that it can be easily accessible by everyone. Also, the benefits provided by LPG are much more when compared to its disadvantages. In places where one cannot get pipe gas, LPG is your best choice. Due to the several benefits it provides, LPG is widely used for domestic, commercial as well as industrial purposes.

The gas suppliers are also trying their best to make people aware of the benefits and safety protocols while using LPG. So when you are getting a new gas connection, the gas agency will send their trained and experienced persons to explain to you about the safety protocols while using LPG. Also, in case of emergencies, you can contact your gas supplier who will immediately send the concerned person to solve the problem as soon as possible. Different sizes of LPG cylinders are made available to the customers by the gas suppliers, one can order the gas cylinder according to their requirement. In general, the size of the cylinder needed for industrial purposes is much bigger than that for domestic purposes.  The demand for LPG is increasing day by day which inturns lead to increased demand for LPG suppliers in the market. LPG does not possess any danger to health, therefore a lot of measures have to be taken to make it more accessible in rural areas where still traditional fuels are being used.

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