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Benefits Of Using Fiberglass Screen Mesh For Your Home

Fiberglass screen mesh is an alternative to regular window screens, as it’s often used in construction or homes. This material has become a popular choice for window treatments and home decorations due to its security, durability, and environmental benefits. We have compiled the list of advantages you can derive from using fiberglass screen mesh for your home or business.

1. Keep your home safe and secure

If you have children or animals in your home, adding fiberglass screen mesh to the windows will help keep them safe and secure. This prevents unauthorized people from being able to see into the house.

2. Increase the Value of your Home

One of the benefits of adding a fiberglass window screen is that it can increase the value of your home. You can quickly draw in buyers looking for quality construction and enhanced security with a clean and new look.

3. Protect Your Home from Insects 

One of the most common reasons to install a fiberglass window screen is to keep insects out. This material effectively prevents bugs, spiders, and other pests from entering your home.

4. Increase privacy and reduce noise pollution 

When constructing a home or renovating an existing one, adding fiberglass screen mesh on windows can increase occupants’ privacy and reduce noise pollution. This is especially helpful if you live in an urban environment where street noise can be intrusive.

5. Reduce the solar heat gain

Adding fiberglass screen mesh to windows will prevent heat and light transmitted inside homes which can cause heating issues, thus increasing comfort level in a home.

6. Improve air circulation 

Windows are an essential source of ventilation, and Air Circulation in a home is necessary for a proper breathing environment. By adding a fiberglass mesh screen to your windows, you can allow good air to circulate through the house without letting in insects, pets, or rain.


The installation process is a bit challenging, but once you get the hang of it, help in advance can be obtained. The materials required for fiberglass screening on windows are listed:

  1. Scissors
  2. Fiberglass Screen Mesh
  3. Tape Measure
  4. Plywood or Masonry Board 

Before starting the installation, you have to measure and plan where you will place the mesh. Once that is done, cut out a piece of fiberglass screen mesh that will fit your window’s frame perfectly and tape it in place. Make sure that the mesh edges align with the edge of the window frame. Repeat this step for all windows in your house.

Next, you will have to install the support beams on either side of the mesh. Cut two plywood or Masonry Board pieces that are about 1 inch wider and longer than your window’s width and height. Then, attach one end of each beam to one corner of the plywood or masonry board using screws, nails, or adhesive tape. Ensure that the beam is level and plumb before attaching it to the board.

Now, measure and cut a piece of fiberglass screening that is equal in size to your window’s frame. Cut two pieces of mesh so that they fit snugly against each other along the length of the support beams. Do not stretch or pull on the mesh while installing it; use gentle hands only. Finally, attach one end of the screening piece to one of the support beams using screws, nails, or adhesive tape. Repeat this step for all windows in your house. You are done! Your fiberglass screening on windows is now installed and ready to protect your property from burglars and thieves.

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