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Best AquaVault Items Reviewed


Have you ever said no to a sea trip because of safety concerns? The trouble with sea trips is, you can never guarantee that the sea waves won’t consume your belongings. There are water-proof gadgets, but how reliable are they? Sooner or later, water finds a way to disrupt our gadgets. Luckily, AquaVault we have found a perfect water savior.

AquaVault is our Aqua Man. The brand works relentlessly towards bringing us reliable solutions for water protection. We may not pay much heed but vaults play a vital role while we are traveling. Especially, if our trip involves being around or underwater. AquaVault specializes in building robust vaults that stay intact and keep our essentials protected underwater.

AquaVault reviews suggest that other items from the store are just as purposeful and brilliantly designed. FlexSafe is a must-have for travelers and people who are often on the move. You can find AquaVault’s products at renowned hotels and stay logs. The brand was awarded for Best New Hotel Product this year.

To help you learn more about AquaVault’s product range, we have narrowed down the best items as per AquaVault’s reviews. Don’t forget to use the AquaVault coupon while placing your orders.

Floating Phone Case

Mobile phone companies and other technology brands introduced water-proof models in past years. However, risking an extravagant gadget still makes our hearts sink. Fret not, AquaVault will not let any gadget sink with its floating phone case range.

The phone cases are triple-sealed with zip locks and reinforced edges. Our phones stay protected and fully functional while they are inside the translucent case. A detachable neck strap is attached to every phone case. You can easily remove it if you want.

The best part about these cases is, they work excellently underwater. If you want to record your underwater surf without facing any blur camera issues, the case will allow you to do so. Phones are 100% functional. AquaVault reviews for phone cases are positive and recommendable. Phone cases come in different border colors, for us to choose from.

FlexSafe Portable Travel Safe

Have you ever felt scared while hiding your essentials and money during your travel? Well, you’re not alone in this boat. Travelling is all fun and adventurous until you find out your wallet has been stolen, or your rings are no longer in the pouch. We have all faced devastated until FlexSafe came into our lives.

FlexSafe is a portable safe that you can carry with you. The amazing part is you can attach this safe to almost anything and feel free on your travel. Nobody will be able to guess that attached to the chair is your safety. The anti-theft carriable bag has a combination lock of three digits. If you feel dubious, you can easily re-program it. Did we mention, FlexSafe is water-resistant as well? Yes, you can carry it underwater without worrying.

The portable travel safe is available in heather grey and blue color. You can easily fold the bag as well. It is a perfect solution for our safety concerns. AquaVault reviews are right about the hassle-free travel this bag offers. You can get a mini version of the FlexSafe from AquaVault. The mini version comes with a detachable neck in black color for more convenience.

Charge Card

We are forever grateful to the person who invented power banks. But can we take a moment and appreciate the brains behind AquaVault’s Charge card? If you are wondering what makes this portable charger unique, then have you ever seen a credit card size charger? Well, we have not. The charge card is an ultra-thin robust power charger by AquaVault.

This credit card size charger works well on all phones as well as other gadgets. We no longer have to carry a camera charger and a separate phone charger for everyone. This Charge Card is a powerful solution for all our charging worries. It is lightweight, carriable, and most importantly fast.

The fast-charging technology makes it one of the best products by AquaVault. Those who have used it, can’t stop raving about its sleekness. Stainless steel design under AquaVault’s reviews section. The Cable Charger has interchangeable cables and lets us know the charging status through an LED indicator.

AquaVault is successfully making our travel easier. Security is our primary concern and the store is aptly providing solutions for all our essentials. We hope this article and AquaVault reviews help you purchase protective items from the store.

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