Best Field Marketing Tips for Exhibitors at Trade Shows

What is Field Marketing?

Field marketing is a form of traditional direct marketing.  That allows you to have two-way communication with your targeted customers to convey your brand message. This is usually performed at targeted field locations such as trade shows, business exhibitions, supermarkets, shopping centers, local events, or festivals.

Field marketing includes direct sales, promotions, and demos. This has been one of the most popular types of marketing and is used by most companies due to its various advantages. With field marketing, companies reach directly to customers which otherwise they may not have been able to.

Traditional techniques such as field marketing.  When combined with the latest technologies can result in a very powerful marketing tool that will allow your brand to achieve various milestones. So, here we are to make you familiar with some of the most powerful and effective field marketing strategies for your next trade show booth design companies.

  • Select the right location

Field marketing is all about communicating the right message to the right audience, at the right time, and at the right location. Hence, the key is to choose the right location and the right time. Find out where you will find your targeted customers. Know what kind of events and trade show stand builders they visit. Once you know where to exhibit you can easily gauge interest, build brand awareness, collect inquiries and make sales.

  • Promote your products with free samples

Giving free samples is highly effective in driving sales and is the best marketing approach from a strategic perspective. Whether it’s a tech gadget, food product, or even a service, buyers like to try things out. The average buyer always wants to try or see the product before buying it. Field marketing is all about demonstrating the benefits of the product to the audience and how their product can make their life simpler and better in a cheaper way.

  • Send your best representatives

It is advised to select your best staff to represent your brand during field marketing activities as they act as the face of your brand while conversing with potential customers, encouraging them to buy your product, and convincing them to choose your brand. Your representatives should be friendly, informative, and able to communicate the brand smartly.

Also, all of your representatives must be able to answer all the questions of customers about your product and perform interesting live demonstrations. Only when they know about the product well then only they’ll be able to speak about it confidently.

  • Offer fun and creative experience

Audiences are always hungry for something new and exciting. So why not give them what they want. Immerse your audience in an engaging and interactive experience which will definitely benefit your brand. If you give the audience something to relate with and make a connection with your brand then this would not only help you to improve brand loyalty but will also improve the sales further down the line.

Generally, during a trade show brands get a very short span of time to capture the audience’s attention. Hence make your field marketing fun, experiential, and creative. Using an eye-catching exhibition stand along with interactive elements will provide you with good results and enhance your brand and product awareness.

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