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Best hidden camping sites near Mumbai:

Weekends to relax in nature; relaxing by the sea, kayaking in the lake, hiking in the mountains or just relaxing in the clear blue sky. We at Camp Monk are striving to bring you the best-kept secret buildings in India. Here is a list of our favorite treasures in Mumbai. All of these buildings are carefully selected to give you the best escape route.

Camp KoladIt 

It is located about 3.5 hours from Mumbai, Camp Kolad is a quiet and tranquil area near Mumbai located along the Kundalika River. With no mobile connection, this Campsite site promises to help you reconnect with you. Take a refreshing swim or take a kayaking on the river or get a little hiking trail. Enjoy a barbecue and a delicious dinner near the bonfire before taking a night trip under the stars and strangers.

Camp Khopoli

If you want to be alone by nature, look no further: Camp Khopoli is a campsite around Mumbai which is a 3-hour walk from Mumbai. With the mountains of Lonavala as the background and the zillion stars of the company, the Copoli campground is perfect to experience your part of the mountains. A refreshing swim in the river is a 5 minute walk from the area. There are dozens of trails around the campground including one that leads to a beautiful pool of natural rock! In the morning, you wake up and see a million waterfalls.

Camp Karnala

The Karnala campground is a short 1.5-hour walk from Mumbai, very close to the Karnala castle and the Karnala bird sanctuary. The campground near Karnala is surrounded by evergreen palm trees and green grass making it one of the best places for children. Here is the cherry on the cake: There is a private waterfall flowing inside the building that lasts for three months during the rainy season. Water splashes on the grass do an amazing job of children and adults at heart. There are many hammocks to relax and spend a lazy night watching the stars.

Karjat Glamp Camp 

Located in the heart of Karjat, 65 kilometers from Mumbai, this glamp camp near Mumbai is located on a 21-acre site near the waterfront. This place is so different that it instantly connects your mind, body, and soul. From casual tents to tent homes, this Glamping site near Mumbai has many options to choose from. It’s a great place to take your pets and relax on the weekend.

Swimming pool with a list of indoor & outdoor activities for relaxing. This Nature Camp camp in Pali is well stocked with pets and makes it an ideal place to escape. You can try your hand at shooting, shooting arrows, board games, badminton, cricket etc.

Camp Shere Vasind

A good place to escape on the outskirts of Mumbai, this camping site near Mumbai is close to the river. Enjoy a cool sunset while sipping a delicious tea or hiking, swimming, kayaking or fishing. If you are looking for a peaceful place with pets, this is the place to go.

Raw Adventure Lakeside Camp

With amazing 360-degree views of hills, lakes and camps, Raw adventure camp is a universal creation. From camping to work, everything shouts. This Lakeside paradise camp is a paradise for nature lovers and loves children and pets. Glamping in the Sahyadri Hills: Once a desert area surrounded by dense jungles, it is now a paradise used by naturalists, architects, botanists to ensure that everything happens. arranged in a very small offensive way. With eleven rooms in the sky and seven luxurious tents, this quiet community in the valley will give you an intimate nature experience. 

Firefly Exotic Camp Panshet

Firefly Exotic Camp is a Jungle camping site located in the shirkoli forest in the water behind the panshet dam, Pune. It is an untested place for campers and backpackers and is close to the mother nature. Here is the most exciting part of this place – You can find wildlife sightings near the campground. As the name suggests, Firefly Exotic Camp is home to the Fireflies.

 This beautiful retreat is accompanied by pets and makes for a fun weekend trip.

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