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Best Joomla Web Development Company – How to Create Web App with Joomla

Web development is one of the most demanding tasks in the IT industry. A responsive website is very important to become a reputable business. Additionally, given the current COVID-19 pandemic, almost all business is conducted online due to social distancing. Content Management System (CMS) is a very advanced web development platform. Joomla web development is based on CMS and is a very common platform for web development. So, in this article, we will discuss the website and application development process by the best Joomla development company. But first we need to know more about CMS and Joomla.

What is Joomla?

Joomla is a free and open source content management system (CMS). Over the years, it has gained popularity due to its user-friendly interface and reliability for developing superior websites and applications. A model-view-controller web application framework acts as the basis of Joomla. Joomla has a huge global community of developers and volunteers. These people make sure that Joomla is always user friendly, extensible, multilingual, accessible, responsive, search engine optimized and more. In addition, you can use Joomla independently, allowing you to develop great online applications.

Joomla Development: A Powerful Content Management System in the Online World

Joomla currently dominates the entire online community. Many large websites are developed using Joomla. Joomla can be used to develop websites from different areas. Some of the best examples are:

  • Company websites or portals, intranets and extranets
  • Small business websites
  • Online magazines, newspapers and publications
  • E-commerce and online reservations
  • Websites of government, non-profit organizations and organizations
  • Community based, school and church websites or portals
  • Personal or family home pages

Because of its quality services and flexible architecture, Joomla is the first choice of almost all web developers. In order to use the Joomla web development platform, you need to hire a full stack developer for your company.

How to create a Joomla website/app in simple steps

Register a domain name and find a web hosting service

Before you start developing a website, you need to register a domain for your business. Depending on your business size and needs, you can buy a domain to act as a base website. Then you can hire a Joomla developer to customize your website with Joomla Web Development.

Install and set up Joomla

After purchasing the domain, you need to install Joomla on your website developer’s computer. Since Joomla is free to use, all you need is a GPL license to access all of its features. Before attempting to hire a full stack developer, you must remember that the person must be passionate about the job. Joomla web development requires intensive hours of work. So only a passionate developer will be able to create high quality websites.

Familiarize yourself with the basics of Joomla

Before proceeding with the complexities of Joomla, the developer needs to understand the basics. The basics can help streamline Joomla web development. So before you hire an on-demand app developer, you need to make sure the person is familiar with the basics.

Choose a template for your Joomla site

Joomla offers various templates to help you and your development team customize your project. These templates are one of the main reasons to prefer Joomla Web Development for creating a website.

Install your Joomla template

After choosing the template, you need to download and install it in your main project. This template serves as the primary environment for your project. Additionally, Joomla web development allows the developer to create custom templates if needed.

Customize Joomla theme

As we’ve already discussed, you’re not limited by the basics of the template. You can adapt it however you like to your company. So, when hiring a Joomla developer, you need to make sure that they have innovative ideas capable of utilizing all the features of Joomla.

Use Joomla modules

At this point in the development process, your website will look pretty nice. But it’s still empty. Joomla Web Development has different modules so that you can create all fields for your website.

Assign positions to modules

Now that you’ve found the modules for your website, it’s time to place those modules perfectly. Depending on the information you want the modules to display, they need to be placed in the perfect position. So you need to hire a full-stack developer who is familiar with all types of data distribution.

Create new pages with Joomla

A website is never limited to a single page. There are different stages of data it needs to display. So you need to create all the pages for your website. The creation process is the same for all pages.

Assign pages to the Joomla navigation menu

After creating all the pages, you need to simplify the navigation. To do this, you need to assign the pages to the Joomla navigation menu. Joomla Web Development has seamless navigation features that allow users to use different parts of the website freely.

Add a blog section

A blog increases the visibility of the website. If you are about to hire a full-stack developer for your project, make sure the person has sufficient knowledge in website communication. For example, you can use communication knowledge to create a website with an integrated blog. It allows you to post various information about your business to attract new customers.

Install extensions

You can use it to raise the standards of any website. Joomla Web Development offers various unique and innovative extensions that can help you stand out from your competitors in the online segment.

This was the process to create a website using Joomla Web Development. We recommend hiring Joomla Web Development with at least 10 years of experience to get the best custom website for your business.


So from this article we can conclude that it is easy to use Joomla Web Development to create the best and most reliable websites and applications. However, you must ensure that you are hiring a full-stack developer capable of using all the features that Joomla has to offer. In these tough times of the global pandemic, people have moved almost everything to the online world. So your business needs to have proper websites and applications to keep up with the competition in the online space. You benefit from this not only in the present time, but also when expanding your business in the coming years. Now all you have to do is hire an on-demand app developer and build the best websites and applications.

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