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Best Restaurants in Switzerland

Switzerland draws impact from adjoining nations France, Germany, and Italy to deliver the absolute most refined eating in Europe. 

Investigate Switzerland’s best elevated cafés, seafood restaurants, and liquefy in-the-mouth Swiss cheddar areas of interest—including a couple of Michelin-featured treats en route.

So, to narrow down your search I have made a list of the best restaurants in Switzerland. And don’t forget to check Switzerland Tour Packages for more information.


Best Restaurants in Switzerland:

  1. Haus Hiltl
  2. Restaurant Pavillon
  3. Izumi
  4. Demi-Lun
  5. Château de Villa
  6. La Reserve


Haus Hiltl

Feast out on the planet’s first veggie lover café in Zurich. The Haus Hiltl traces all the way back to 1898, when it was snappily named the “Veggie lover Home and Abstinence Café” and a good

Back in those early days, veggie lovers were slanderously called “slow eaters” and the bistro was nicknamed “the root shelter” by local people.


best restaurant in switzerland

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Restaurant Pavillon


In the event that your taste is somewhat more formal or you’re essentially an inside junkie, you will not have any desire to miss Restaurant Pavillon – a light-overwhelmed café set in the core of a green park, five minutes’ stroll from Zurich’s clamoring Paradeplatz.

Cook Laurent Eperon centers his dishes around the new French food, with his artfulness procuring the café a Michelin star and a standing for being the actual meaning of current extravagance.

best food joint in Switzerland

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Drawing on Nikkei cooking, a determination of wonderfully pre-arranged sashimi, fish tartar and tempura gives way to bigger combination dishes,

for example, lobster and foie gras kataifi with teriyaki and truffle, and a stunning dark cod miso zuke, trailed by a chocolate bento box with matcha frozen yogurt.

It’s a close, comfortable sort of spot, so in winter it’s ideal to book right on time to get one of only a handful of exceptional tables inside.

Anyway the genuine draw – aside from the food – is the quiet housetop patio that watches out for Lake Geneva and the stream d’eau.

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Comfortable and welcoming, the stylistic layout gestures to the Mediterranean with warm, natural tones, palm trees and lavish souk-style lamps.

The huge, varied menu covers everything from burgers and mixed greens to Moroccan tagines and tapas, and it’s for the most part sense of taste satisfying and liberally estimated, if not by and large connoisseur.

Source – Flickr


Château de Villa


Here, the house extraordinary comprises five cheeses from encompassing towns, each offering an inconspicuously unique character.

Request it and you’ll get a guide showing where each cheddar is made, which you can contemplate while your mustachioed server warms gigantic wheels of cheddar until they bubble, then, at that point, scratches gooey bits onto your plate.


Source – Flickr


La Reserve


Geneva’s La Reserve lodging is home to two top-class eateries: Le Loti and Le Tse Fung.

Le Loti is controlled by culinary specialist Virginie Basselot, champ of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France grant in 2015.


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