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Creative landscape using fog systems

Such as landscape fog systems in domestic gardens, scenic spots, and communities is becoming more and more popular. In the natural environment, the fairyland state of fog is welcomed by many people. To satisfy people’s yearning for a better life and the public’s eye, people have created misting systems by scientific methods to increase the interaction and comfort of travel, sightseeing, and viewing.


The outdoor fog machine often skillfully combines the mountain scenery, water scenery, green plants, flowers, or some characteristic sculptures in the scenic spot to add mysterious beauty to the natural landscape. Landscape fog systems can also apply to many places, such as real estate sales departments, parks, communities, commercial streets, etc. The fog spreads around water scenery, rockery and vegetation, just like entering a fairyland on earth, allowing people to be in the “fog sea” and creating a novel and pleasant environment.


Such as hot summer or in the evening, every corner is covered with fog, as if given life. People can absorb gifts from nature every time they breathe deeply. Such as releases a large number of negative ions, which is good for people’s bodies and purifies the soul. When the landscape fog system is integrated with the water scenery, the static waterscape and dynamic fog complement each other, and the fixed and moving scene creates a visual feast.

Composition and principle of landscape fog making system:

The fog system is composed of a high-pressure mist machine, nozzle, and pipeline. The fog system is equipped with a high-pressure water treatment system, which is filtered by the misting landscaping system itself with a micron-level filter system, and then enters the high-pressure spray landscaping equipment. After pressurized, water is transported through the pipe to the fog nozzle. Then a tiny mist is sprayed from the nozzle.

The function of landscape fog system:

The role of Landscaping: the mist emitted by the misting system increases the momentum of the waterfall landscape, creates a leisure atmosphere for the corridor and rest pavilion, and adds a casual romantic atmosphere to the garden path. It can meet people’s desire to return to nature and pursue a beautiful environment.

Moisturizing effect

The traditional method of increasing humidity sets up fountains and builds water areas. The mist diffuses generated by the misting system for instant produce water on average.

Health care efficacy

negative ions can deodorize and eliminate carbon dioxide, especially inhibit, alleviate and assist in treating human system and physical diseases.

Heatstroke prevention and cooling effect

The water microparticles sprayed into the air through the misting system can absorb the surrounding heat during the gasification process.

Precautions for fog system installation:


  1. Such as ordinary steel pipes, high-pressure seamless copper tubes, high pressure seamless stainless steel pipes, or high-pressure rubber steel wire composite pipes can avoid pipe rust and cause nozzle blockage.
  2. A tap water pipe can be connected directly.
  3. It is forbidden to operate the water pump without water
  4. The installation height of the nozzle is recommended to be at 2m from the ground and at  0.5m from the inner top of the house. To increase the evaporation and vaporization time of ultra-fine mist particles in the air. To avoid water droplets caused by ultra-fine mist particles spraying into obstacles

Such as modern life needs slow rhythms to cultivate people’s bodies and minds. A landscape misting system can produce a comfortable feeling wherever it is installed and make people love it.

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