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Don’t Fall for Fake Plywood

Plywood is another one of those items that may be easily altered to meet your specific demands. Ply is the ideal product for building, architecture, and decoration because of its durability and strength. People use woody products in a variety of settings, and choosing the proper quality of material ensures overall protection, strength, and elegance. Because of the strong mandate, counterfeit goods circulate in the market; here’s how to avoid buying hollow claims.

When it Comes to Counterfeit Products

Due to décor trends and the comfort that plywood provides, the call for plywood and woody products is skyrocketing. Consumers are easily duped when fraudulent products are sold under well-known brand names. The counterfeit items are quite similar to the genuine article, and it might be difficult for somebody who does not work with hardwood on a constant schedule to tell the difference.

What Are the Consequences of Counterfeit Goods?

Using high-quality plywood for any project, whether it’s a small artistic project or a large investment in ply for construction or remodelling, is essential. Items that are counterfeit have the potential to cause more damage than benefit. Chemically treated, low-cost plywood creates a plethora of health issues in addition to attracting dust, filth, and vermin. These goods aren’t worth the money and can be easily removed and broken down. They degrade quickly and provide bacteria and germs with a breeding area. You might be expecting them to cave in and can hurt rather than protect you in the case of an accident or disaster. Fake goods tempt you with lesser pricing, but they never provide unaffected services; therefore, people need to check quality plywood.

How to Choose High-Quality Ply

Plywood of good grade is constructed from high-quality wood and has a long life expectancy. Many of India’s largest plywood manufacturers are committed to offering high-quality goods and services. Our goods are designed to last a long time while also providing safety and security. Many plywoods are available that come with a feature of fire retardants and anti-microbial properties. Two of our in-house developed technologies function as a protective blockade for you. These goods come in a variety of features, such as waterproofing, resistance to various weather conditions, high impact resistance, bend resistance, and so on. The honest quality plywood is a great choice because it gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

What Should You Do If You’re Not Sure Whether Your Purchase Is Genuine?

There are many plywood companies that have a trademark that has been used for marketing a variety of counterfeit products. When it comes to understanding and fulfilling our commitments, it becomes important to check the quality of the product. The CenturyPromise app was created to assist you in determining the authenticity of items you have purchased. Our products always have a QR scan code that can be traced with the app to ensure that your purchase is genuine. This application is a piece of software that you may install on your phone or tablet and use whenever you want. It’s simple to download and install on your phone or tablet, and you can find it on Google Play/App Store.

The CenturyPromise App is a piece of software that you may download and use on your phone or tablet at any time. It’s easy to install on your device and can be easily searched on the Google Play/App Store.

  • It’s a straightforward program to use. No sooner you download it, you may log in with your existing credentials or establish a new login.
  • The app has a scanner that allows you to quickly identify genuine products.
  • You can trace the QR with the scanner or physically enter it into the application. If your goods are real, they will be shown on display.
  • Anyone may verify the authenticity of their buying with just a few touches of their fingertips.
  • The application also provides product characteristics and can assist you in downloading and storing an electronic warranty card for imminent reference.
  • Consumers may now combat counterfeit products with the use of a simple phone app.

Explore the CenturyPromise app now & purchase only genuine plywood!

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